Deutscher Jam presents:

Let’s welcome Andrew to the Mic!

Guten Abend alle zusammen, sag mal wie stehts? Yoo how’s it going? Welcome to Germany, tonight we shall bringing you das connection focusing on  reentering your energy and helping you peep the Chi. *Grabs the mic* As we proceed to give you what you need, brace yourself for this weeks weekly dose of Deutsch. Now we love to point out how English is a Germanic language that being said don’t be scared! Keine Sorgen(No worries) here let us take some weight off the languages shoulders: Haus/House, Maus/Mouse, Sekunde/Second, Hallo/Hello 🙂 Dope! Repeat this exercise 5 times…. now that you’ve warmed up let’s jump into the connection Andrew shall be bringing you tonight. No Techno, instead let’s hit a House party maybe somewhere in a basement in Hamburg. You know what scratch that let’s hop on the DB(Deutsches Bahn) infamous train you shall be riding if your looking to explore Germany and head towards Stuttgart. Now as we sip a glass of Sekt and dance in first class take a second to throw on a jumpsuit. Andrew set up a Jam for us to get down with,  DJ Thomilla shall be hosting a dope 90s themed House party for us. Once you pass the Tursteher(Bouncer), setzt euch hin(sit down) and get comfortable Andrew is here to take you on an Erlebnis(Experience)


Die Janell und Der Andrew

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    Time: June 14 - 7:00:00 pm
  • Get Up (feat. Afrob) - EP

    DJ Thomilla, “Get Up (Radio Instrumental)”

    from Get Up (feat. Afrob) - EP

    edel records - 2000

  • Time: June 14 - 7:04:00 pm
  • Genuine Draft (Limited Ed.)

    DJ Thomilla, “Wenn Der Beat Flippt (Last Minute RMX)”

    from Genuine Draft (Limited Ed.)

    edel records - 1999

  • Time: June 14 - 7:10:00 pm
  • Get Up (feat. Afrob) - EP

    DJ Thomilla, “Get Up (Radio Edit)”

    from Get Up (feat. Afrob) - EP

    edel records - 2000

  • Time: June 14 - 7:19:00 pm

    Fünf Sterne Deluxe, “Dreh' auf den Scheiß”


    Fünf Sterne deluxe Records - 2014

  • Time: June 14 - 7:29:00 pm
  • D.N.A.

    Genetikk, “A la Muerte”

    from D.N.A.

    Sony Music Catalog - 2013

  • Time: June 14 - 7:34:00 pm
  • 20:14

    Marvin Game, “Kleine (feat. Bausa)”

    from 20:14

    IMMER READY - 2017

  • Time: June 14 - 7:42:00 pm
  • D.N.A.

    Genetikk, “Champions”

    from D.N.A.

    Sony Music Catalog - 2013

  • Time: June 14 - 7:51:00 pm
  • Sauf Sport Balance (feat. TimmyT & penglord) - Single

    Viko63, “Sauf Sport Balance (feat. TimmyT & penglord)”

    from Sauf Sport Balance (feat. TimmyT & penglord) - Single

    Spinnup - 2021

  • Time: June 14 - 7:58:00 pm
  • BOI - EP

    MAJAN, “Monoton (feat. Schmyt)”

    from BOI - EP

    Four Music/Schere Stein Papier - 2020

  • Time: June 14 - 8:10:00 pm
  • #DIY

    Trettmann, “Billie Holiday”

    from #DIY

    SoulForce Records - 2017

  • Time: June 14 - 8:21:00 pm
  • Ich & meine Maske (Premium Version)

    Sido, “Intro”

    from Ich & meine Maske (Premium Version)

    Aggro Berlin - 2014

  • Time: June 14 - 8:25:00 pm
  • 4:99 (Jubiläums-Edition)

    Die Fantastischen Vier, “Mit freundlichen Grüßen”

    from 4:99 (Jubiläums-Edition)

    Columbia - 2009

  • Time: June 14 - 8:40:00 pm
  • Aquemini

    OutKast, “Da Art of Storytellin' (Pt. 2)”

    from Aquemini

    Arista/LaFace Records - 1998

  • Time: June 14 - 8:51:00 pm
  • Tanz auf dem Vulkan (Bonus Track Version)

    Ronny Trettmann, “Schwarzer Sonntag II (feat. Johanna Marshall)”

    from Tanz auf dem Vulkan (Bonus Track Version)


  • Time: June 14 - 8:57:00 pm

    Haiyti, “TOULOUSE (feat. Albi X)”

    from SUI SUI

    Haiyti/WM Germany - 2020

    Deutscher Jam    June 14th, 2021

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