The Sunday Morning Jazz Show presents:

Good morning and welcome to another edition of The Sundy Morning Jazz Show. Some tasty vittles to get your day started . Enjoy

HOUR  #  1
Halim-Cassity-Ward/Bembe’s Kids/Altoism/AFR Music/2021
Carlos Vega/Bird’s Words/Art of the Messenger/Origin/2021
Willie Jones, III/CTA/Fallen Heroes/WJE/2021
Joel Frahm/Beeline/The Bright Side/Anzic/2021
Slide Attack/Owens/Road Attack/HL-AG/2021
The Baylor Project/Do You Remember This ?/Generations/BeALight/2021
Will St. Peter/Tangerine/Honestly/Origin/2021
Joe Finn/The Good Word/As Luck Would Have It/JFP/2021
Sarah Wilson/Go/Kaleidoscope/Brass Tonic/2021
Al Williams Jazz Society/Little Sunflower/Then & Now/AWJS/2020
HOUR   #  2
Brian Woodruff/Freeway Doctor East/A Centering Peace/QJOG/2021
Will Lyle/I Believe In You/LA Source Codes/WLM/2021
Kayle Brecher/Tunnels/Bredux Collected Edges/Penchant Four/2021
Jenny Klukken/Supernova/Color In Motion/JKM/2021
Bob Mintzer/A Reprieve/Soundscapes/MCG Jazz/2021
Miles Davis/Amandla/Live At Vienne/Warner-Rhino/2021
Greg Germann/Elysia/Tales of Time/Origin/2021
Luke Carlos O’Reilly/Brotherman/A Black Man’s Diary/Imani Records/2021
Tim Kobza/Oh Well Funk It/Montecito Heights/Kobza Music/2021
Dave McMurray/The Eleven/Grateful Dedication/Blue Note/2021
Sam Ross/Hopeful Future/Live At The Mira Room/SRM/2020
Sean Michael Giddings/First Cup/Red Willow/Origin/2021
                                                           SO MUCH MUSIC…………SO LITTLE TIME
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    The Sunday Morning Jazz Show    July 25th, 2021

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