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Hallo Leute! Lass mal fragen, how was your Wochende? Hope you had plenty of time to practice your German because today’s show will be a little more advanced. Don’t worry! Of course I shall  create the room before you step in, what kind of tour guide would I be if I didn’t. I always say for those of you attempting to learn German, Deutscher Jam is the perfect unconventional way to gain those skills. Not only do we give you a glimpse into the country but our biggest focus is to give you an insider look into the Kultur. This insider look that we have created through music and storytelling will give us the tools needed to survive navigating through the so called “Deutsches Dschungle”.Reimagine yourself maybe we are dressed like Indiana Jones exploring this Jungle like Tarzan. As we chop down the branches and leaves ahead of us, an opening has presented itself before us. Frankfurt. Hamburg. Berlin. Stuttgart. The cities won’t stop coming forth, so much to see but to be specific so much to explore. As we explore the depths of Germany, I would like you to take note of what type of energy the cities are presenting. This is going to be a fun one 😉




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    Deutscher Jam    August 16th, 2021

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