The Sunday Morning Jazz Show presents:

Welcome to the last Sunday in August. Lotsa great music to share with you this morning. Enjoy !

HOUR  #   1
Leon Lee Dorsey/Home Cookin/Freedom Jazz Dance/Jazzavenue 1 Records/2021
Eddie Barbash/Amorcito Corazon/For Murray an Lillian/EBM/2021
Dominican Jazz Project/Siempre Adelante/Desde Lejos/Summit/2021
Tom Cohen/The Eternal Triangle/My Take/Versa Records/2021
Tom Kubis/And The Band Played On/Take Me Out Tp The Ballgame/Ray Cat Records/2021
Wayne Coniglio-Scott Whitfield/Little B’s Poem/Faster Friends/Summit/2021
JD Allen/Queen City/Queen City/Savant/2021
Collins-Berg-Latham/Invitation/Together/Drop Zone Jazz/2021
Dr. Mike Bogle/Eat Your Vitamins/Let There Be Light/MBP Groove/2019
Jared Hall/Force For Good/Seen On The Scene/Origin/2021
Acme Jazz Garage/Rhumba Jam/Sharkskin/Solar Grooves/2021
HOUR  #  2
Harvie S Trio/On Green Dolphin Street/Going For It/Savant/2021
Falkner Evans/Invisible Words for Linda/Invisible Words/CAP/2021
Jonathan Bauer/The Days of Wine & Roses/Sings & Plays/JBM/2021
Billy Test Trio/Coming Down Roses/Coming Down Roses/ATM/2020
Senri Oe/Love/Letter To NY/SOM/2021
Kenny Shanker/In Walked Bud/Beautiful Things/Wise Cat/2021
Dave Flippo/Distractions/Tao Tunes/Oppilf Records/2011
Al Hammerman/Not Sure/Just A Dance/Whistle wind/2020
Sonic Portraits Jazz/Riot/Art of Protest/Sonic Portraits/2021
Dave Mullen/The Grind/Solace/Mullsoul Music/2021
Donald Edwards/Little Hopes/The Color of Us Suite/Criss Cross/2021
Royce Campbell/The Hubbub/Cool School/Moon Cycle/2021
                                                               SO MUCH MUSIC……………….SO LITTLE TIME
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    The Sunday Morning Jazz Show    August 29th, 2021

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