Ambiance Congo / The Other Black Music presents:

A toast to Le Grand Maitre, Brussels 1961


Today we start off in honor of the late great Grand Maitre Luambo Makiadi “Franco” and his Tout Puissant OK Jazz.

October 12, 1989 was a sad day for the world when Franco passed. I was at work when I heard the news and it was like being stabbed in the heart.

So we start with three songs in his memory, one short to begin and two longer pieces, one a request from my friend Alan, maker of the famous “The Rumba Kings”  film which premiered here in Richmond last month.


We will have new music today as well so stay tuned!


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    Time: October 10 - 11:00:25 am
  • King Kester Emeneya & Victoria Eleison Dream Team Dream Band, “seben from DORIS ILOKO (theme song)”


    Black Music - 1995

  • Time: October 10 - 11:02:48 am
  • Franco & le T.P OK Jazz, “Matata”

    from Franco & Le TPOK Jazz 1971/1973


  • Time: October 10 - 11:08:52 am
  • Franco & Le T.P. OK Jazz, “Tres Impoli”

    from Franco et Le T.P.O.K. Jazz Chantent "Tres Impoli"

    Edipop Production - 1984

  • Time: October 10 - 11:26:45 am
  • Nakoma Mbanda na Ngai

    Franco & Le T.P.O.K. Jazz, “Nakoma Mbanda na Mama ya Mobali Ngaï, pts. 1 & 2”

    from Nakoma Mbanda na Ngai

    Sonodisc - 1997

    by request

  • Time: October 10 - 11:41:55 am
  • Michel Boyibanda, “Lipanda ya Bolingo”

    from Boybanda Michel et Dini Vangu: Deux Noms = Deux Auteurs

    Albert Youssheff Production

  • Time: October 10 - 11:51:00 am
  • Nyboma & L'orchestre Les Kamalé Dynamiques du Zaïre, “Bangula - Bangula”

    from Dé Dé

    Maikano - 1982

  • Time: October 10 - 12:01:08 pm
  • Dona Mobeti, “Ekila”

    from Dona-Mobeti du Clan Langa-Langa

    Editions Mualaba Lukusu - 1988

  • Time: October 10 - 12:07:23 pm
  • Zaïko Langa-Langa Nkolo Mboka, “Moligano”

    from Avis de Recherche

    Sterns Africa - 1985

  • Time: October 10 - 12:14:13 pm
  • Amour Scolaire

    Le Général Defao, “Delly Pangola”

    from Amour Scolaire

    Sonodisc - 1992

  • Time: October 10 - 12:24:17 pm
  • Note Bien

    Papy Bastin, “Ngoungui (feat. Eboa Lotin)”

    from Note Bien

    Kiki Productions - 2013

  • Time: October 10 - 12:30:20 pm
  • Eteya Yo

    Kevin Mbouande, “Mosselebende”

    from Eteya Yo

    Publicom Studio - 2020

  • Time: October 10 - 12:39:23 pm
  • Piece Contre Pièce

    Adolphe Dominguez, “Eric Bgenye”

    from Piece Contre Pièce

    Big Black Distribution - 2021

  • Time: October 10 - 12:48:47 pm
  • Chérie Ondi (feat. Pepe Kalle, Dilu Dilumona & Matulo Dode)

    Empire Bakuba, “Chérie Ondi (feat. Dilu Dilumona, Matulo Dode & Pepe Kalle)”

    from Chérie Ondi (feat. Pepe Kalle, Dilu Dilumona & Matulo Dode)

    Editions Veve International - 1985

  • Time: October 10 - 12:57:03 pm
  • Franklin Boukaka, “Nakoko”

    from African Pearls: Congo, Pont sur Le Congo

    Syllart Production - 2010

    Ambiance Congo / The Other Black Music    October 10th, 2021

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  • Anastasio-Tomas Esono Ada says:

    OK Jazz is to big to make my favorite songs, the list is long. Like that of Zaiko (i prefered the 1998-2004 team)

  • Anastasio-Tomas Esono Ada says:

    After having months long to take a pause, does somebody have “Sandruma II” from Orchestre Sacramento please ?

  • Anastasio-Tomas Esono Ada says:

    The Other one is La vie des hommes

  • Anastasio-Tomas Esono Ada says:

    My Favorit Song of Franco is only Nostalgie, which is Josky’s Song, who passed away months ago.

  • Anastasio-Tomas Esono Ada says:

    Two days before His Celebration

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