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Mmm do you feel that? The rays of sunshine on your skin, melting you into a pot of gold. Do I here Luciano Pavarotti bringing us Opera? Oh wait is that Mina?! Ugh let me grab a Negroni real quick, can someone hand me a Cornetto 😉 Welcome everyone, tonight’s layover if you didn’t already guess is in Italy……ahhh Roma. I’m thinking about doing this from now on, having layovers in other countries. I believe it will be a interesting way to keep us on our toes but more so a great warm up to get our minds jogging. Now you know and if you don’t know let me tell you. I love to get lost in a tangent oh how I digress so often. But lucky for us I always make sure to come back full circle. That’s honestly theme for today, sometimes we get deep. Sometimes we get lit, sometimes we get lost up it. I can’t predict how things are going to go once we get the ball rolling at 11 PM. Haha enjoy!


Alles Liebe


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    Deutscher Jam    October 11th, 2021

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