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St. Patrick’s Day isn’t official until the 17th, but it’s Irish Music Day here in the Saloon today anyway! So kick back with your favorite Irish whiskey or a green beer and settle in for a couple of hours of good, Irish-flavored music.

Lost Music Saloon: PLAYLIST: March 14, 2022: 5-7 p.m.: St. Patrick’s Day

Old 97’s: Irish Whiskey, Pretty Girls: Graveyard Whistling
Saw Doctors: Green and Red of Mayo: Sing a Powerful Song
Dropkick Murphys: The Irish Rover: Going Out In Style
Reckless Kelly: Seven Nights in Eire: Wicked Twisted Road

The Irish Rovers: The Unicorn: Years May Come, Years May Go
The Pogues: If I Should Fall From Grace With God: If I Should Fall From Grace With God
Van Morrison: What Makes The Irish Heart Beat: Down The Road
Black 47: Funky Ceili (Bridie’s Song): Fire Of Freedom

Luka Bloom: An Irishman In Chinatown: Riverside
Tokyo Rosenthal: St. Patrick’s Day: St. Patrick’s Day
The Waterboys: And A Bang On The Ear: Fisherman’s Blues
The Dubliners: Seven Drunken Nights: The Best of The Dubliners

Mick Moloney: Kilkelly: Bringing It All Back Home – Volume 1
Paperboys: I’ve Just Seen A Face: Molinos

Flogging Molly: Factory Girls: Within A Mile Of Home
Great Big Sea: Ordinary Day: XX
The Mollys: Jock In London/I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed: Hat Trick
The Chieftains: Down the Old Plank Road: Down the Old Plank Road
Steve Earle: The Galway Girl: Transcendental Blues
The Saw Doctors: Bless Me Father: Play It Again Sham!

Gaelic Storm: Kiss Me I’m Irish: Kiss Me I’m Irish
Rig the Jig: I Still Miss Someone: Passing Through
The Pogues: Dirty Old Town: Rum, Sodomy And The Lash
Eddie From Ohio: Irish Dream: Three Rooms

Young Dubliners: Fisherman’s Blues: Red
Black 47: James Connolly: Fire Of Freedom
Tim O’Brien: Fiddler’s Green: Fiddler’s Green
Tim Henderson: No Irish Need Apply: Among the Best

Jason Ringenberg: The Storms Are On the Ocean: Rhinestoned

Garry, DJ
Lost Music Saloon
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Richmond, Virginia

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    Time: March 14 - 1:00:00 pm
  • Graveyard Whistling

    Old 97's, “Irish Whiskey Pretty Girls”

    from Graveyard Whistling

    ATO (UK) - 2017

  • Time: March 14 - 1:04:18 pm
  • Sing a Powerful Song

    The Saw Doctors, “Green and Red of Mayo”

    from Sing a Powerful Song

    Shamtown Records - 2010

  • Time: March 14 - 1:08:25 pm
  • Going Out In Style

    Dropkick Murphys, “The Irish Rover”

    from Going Out In Style

    Universal Music Australia Pty. Ltd. - 2011

  • Time: March 14 - 1:12:04 pm
  • Wicked Twisted Road

    Reckless Kelly, “Seven Nights In Eire”

    from Wicked Twisted Road

    Sugar Hill Records - 2006

  • Time: March 14 - 1:15:21 pm
  • Years May Come, Years May Go

    The Irish Rovers, “The Unicorn”

    from Years May Come, Years May Go

    Geffen - 1993

  • Time: March 14 - 1:18:43 pm
  • If I Should Fall from Grace With God [Expanded]

    The Pogues, “If I Should Fall from Grace with God”

    from If I Should Fall from Grace With God [Expanded]

    WM UK - 2006

  • Time: March 14 - 1:21:04 pm
  • Down the Road

    Van Morrison, “What Makes the Irish Heart Beat”

    from Down the Road

    Legacy Recordings - 2002

  • Time: March 14 - 1:24:54 pm
  • Black 47, “Funky Ceili (Bridie's Song)”

    from Fire of Freedom

    EMI Records Group North America - 1993

  • Time: March 14 - 1:29:54 pm
  • Riverside

    Luka Bloom, “An Irishman In Chinatown”

    from Riverside

    Reprise - 1990

  • Time: March 14 - 1:33:02 pm
  • St. Patrick's Day

    Tokyo Rosenthal, “St. Patrick's Day”

    from St. Patrick's Day

    Rock & Sock - 2008

  • Time: March 14 - 1:37:20 pm
  • The Best of the Waterboys (1981-1990)

    The Waterboys, “And A Bang On the Ear”

    from The Best of the Waterboys (1981-1990)

    Chrysalis Records - 1991

  • Time: March 14 - 1:44:46 pm
  • The Best Of ...

    The Dubliners, “Seven Drunken Nights”

    from The Best Of ...

    Parlophone UK - 1999

  • Time: March 14 - 1:52:32 pm
  • Mick Moloney, “Kilkelly”

    from Bringing It All Back Home


  • Time: March 14 - 1:59:25 pm
  • Molinos (Remastered)

    The Paperboys, “I've Just Seen a Face”

    from Molinos (Remastered)

    Cubbyhole Records - 2021

  • Time: March 14 - 2:02:51 pm
  • Within a Mile of Home

    Flogging Molly, “Factory Girls (feat. Lucinda Williams)”

    from Within a Mile of Home

    SideOneDummy Records - 2004

  • Time: March 14 - 2:06:42 pm
  • XX

    Great Big Sea, “Ordinary Day”

    from XX

    Great Big Sea USA - 2012

  • Time: March 14 - 2:09:51 pm
  • Hat Trick

    The Mollys, “Jock In London/I Don't Wanna Go to Bed”

    from Hat Trick

    Apolkalips Now Music - 1997

  • Time: March 14 - 2:16:08 pm
  • Down the Old Plank Road: The Nashville Sessions

    The Chieftains, “Down the Old Plank Road”

    from Down the Old Plank Road: The Nashville Sessions

    RCA Victor - 2002

  • Time: March 14 - 2:18:08 pm
  • Transcendental Blues

    Steve Earle, “The Galway Girl”

    from Transcendental Blues

    Warner Records - 2000

  • Time: March 14 - 2:21:13 pm
  • Play It Again Sham

    The Saw Doctors, “Bless Me Father”

    from Play It Again Sham

    Shamtown Records - 2010

  • Time: March 14 - 2:24:47 pm
  • Full Irish: The Best of Gaelic Storm 2004-2014

    Gaelic Storm, “Kiss Me, I'm Irish”

    from Full Irish: The Best of Gaelic Storm 2004-2014

    Lost Again Records - 2014

  • Time: March 14 - 2:29:49 pm
  • Passing Through

    Rig the Jig, “I Still Miss Someone”

    from Passing Through

    Toucan Cove - 2004

  • Time: March 14 - 2:34:14 pm
  • Rum Sodomy & the Lash

    The Pogues, “Dirty Old Town”

    from Rum Sodomy & the Lash

    Warner Strategic Marketing - 1985

  • Time: March 14 - 2:37:59 pm
  • Looking out the Fishbowl

    Eddie from Ohio, “Irish Dream”

    from Looking out the Fishbowl

    Virginia Soul Records - 2017

  • Time: March 14 - 2:41:00 pm
  • Red

    The Young Dubliners, “Fisherman's Blues”

    from Red

    OmTown Music - 2000

  • Time: March 14 - 2:44:46 pm
  • Fire of Freedom

    Black 47, “James Connolly”

    from Fire of Freedom

    SBK - 1993

  • Time: March 14 - 2:50:53 pm
  • Fiddler's Green

    Tim O'Brien, “Fiddler's Green”

    from Fiddler's Green

    Sugar Hill Records - 2005

  • Time: March 14 - 2:54:28 pm
  • Tim Henderson, “No Irish Need Apply”

    from Among the Best


  • Time: March 14 - 2:57:13 pm
  • Rhinestoned

    Jason Ringenberg, “The Storms Are on the Ocean (feat. Kristi Rose)”

    from Rhinestoned

    Courageous Chicken Entertainment - 2021

    Lost Music Saloon    March 14th, 2022

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