The Sunday Morning Jazz Show presents:

Good morning, and welcome to the last SMJS for May.  My how time flies. Seems like I was just playing Christmas songs. Great new music today. Enjoy !

HOUR  #  1
Lance Conrad/Canadian Sunset/HOME/LCM/2022
Dan Schnelle/ The People’s Republic/Shine Thru/Outside In Music/2022
Tia Brazda/I’ll Be Seeing You/When I Get Low/Flatcar Records /2022
Tony Hightower/Rendezvous/Legacy/Hightower Legacy Records/2022
Shiri Zorn/Detour Ahead/Into Another Land/SHM/2022
Full Circle/Forgotten Standards/The Still Point/Anthro-Phonic/2022
Ori Dagan/Rebirth of the Cool/Click Right Here/MAPL/2022
Angela O’Neill/I’m Gonna Live TilI I Die/Light @ The End Of The Tunnel/Outrageous 8/2022
Mark Lipson/I Remember Joe//Springwells/DCC Records/2021
Phil Fest/Choro Nostalgico/Seresta/Fest Productions/2022
Cathy Segal-Garcia/Desafinado/Live in Japan/Origin/2022
David Larsen/Latin Silver/G2 and You/G2/2022
Chicago Soul Jazz Collective/Behind The Crusaders/On The Way To Be Free/Jmarq Records//2022
HOUR  #  2
Randy Napoleon/Andy’s Lament/Puppets/OA2/2022
Caesar Frazier/Dat Dere/Tenacity/As We Speak/Track Merchant Records/2022
Richard Braithwaite/Thelonius, Not Felonius/Monk & Other Music/Big Silly/2022
Way North/ Dig/New Dream, Old Stories/MAPL/2022
Nikos Chatzitsako/Tangerine/Tiny Big Band/NCM/2022
Michael Orenstein/Giant Steps/Aperture/Origin/2022
Roe Bickley Kramer/Love Dance/Lucid Dreams/Unknown Records/2022
George Cotsirilos/Aftermath/Refuge/OA2/2022
Mark Filsinger/Groovin’ High/Groovin’ High/BJCR/2022
Aaron Bazzell/Purpose/Aesthetic/ABM/2022
John Lee/Soul Leo/The Artist/Cellar20/2022
                                                                  SO MUCH MUSIC……..SO LITTLE TIME
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    The Sunday Morning Jazz Show    May 29th, 2022

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