Cause and Effect presents:

HOUR #  1

Dave Brubeck/Take Five/Ken Burns Jazz/Columbia Records/2000
Dave Brubeck Quartet/Perdido/Jazz At Oberlin/Fantasy-OJC/1953
Dave Brubeck Quartet/Let’s Fall in Love/Jazz @ The College pf the Pacific/Fantasy-OJC/1953
Dave Brubeck Quartet/These Foolish Things/In Concert/Fantasy/1986
Brubeck-Mulligan/The Duke/Cincinnati/MCA Classics/1970
Dave Brubeck/In Your Own Sweet Way/Love Songs/Columbia/2000
Dave Brubeck/St. Louis Blues/Legacy of a Legend/Columbia/Columbia/1970
Dave Brubeck/Castilian Blues/The White House Sessions/Columbia/1962
HOUR   #  2
Dave Brubeck/Moody/Young Lions Old Tigers/Telarc/1995
Dave Brubeck/Summer Song/One Alone/Telarc/2000
Dave Brubeck Quartet/Por Que No/The Crossing/Telarc/2001
Dave Brubeck Quartet/Broadway Bossa Nova/Live From the U.S.A./Telarc/2001
Dave Brubeck/Where or When/Private  Brubeck Remembers/Telarc/2004
Dave Brubeck Quartet/London Flat, London Sharp/London Flat, London Sharp/Telarc/2005
Dave Brubeck Quartet/Crescent City Stomp/Park Avenue South/Telarc/2003
Dave Brubeck Quartet/Blue Rondo A La Turk/Ken Burns Jazz/Columbia/2000
Dave Brubeck Quartet/Watusi Jam/Time Outtakes/Brubeck Editions/1959
Dave Brubeck/Moody/Young Lions & Old Tigers/Telarc/1995
Dave Brubeck Quartet/Ballad of The Rhine/London Flat, London Sharp/Telarc/2005
                                                     SO MUCH MUSIC…………SO LITTLE TIME
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    Cause and Effect    June 18th, 2022

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