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   Shiko Mawatu                                                                                               Lubangi Muniania


Today we have a special edition of Ambiance Congo. Today we honor Shiko Mawatu, a great musician and composer whose long and prolific career has been much respected and appreciated by his peers. He has played guitar, sang, composed and arranged music with many of his great contemporaries from Docteur Nico to Pepe Kalle, from Tshala Muana to Madilu System. Before a stroke some 12 or so years ago, he embarked upon a solo career and recorded his wonderful album, KIMBANDA NZILA, which was released in 2007 and nominated in 2008 for the NAACP Image Award. His song MANU was in 2012 awarded the Grand Prize in the World Music category in the John Lennon Song Writing Contest.
Shiko Mawatu has dedicated his formidable talents to music that preserves and advances the rumba odemba of Franco, Rochereau and Nico.

We are joined here this day, via recorded interview, by Shiko Mawatu’s producer and friend, Mr. Lubangi Muniania.

Lubangi Muniania is an African Art Historian, specializing in the visual and performing arts of Africa. He has contributed to the award-winning documentary The Rumba Kings. He has worked as a Director of Education at the Museum for African Art in New York, African Art Education consultant for the Art Institute of Chicago, Saint Louis Museum of Arts, other museums, festivals, and cultural centers. Mr. Muniania has written articles for newspapers, essays for museum publications and universities. He is currently the president of Tabilulu Productions.

Lubangi will contribute history and insight that we could otherwise only get from Shiko himself.

He has been working with Shiko to produce a new album which is expected in the not-too-distant future.

Thank you, Shiko Mawatu, for creating the amazing music that I have enjoyed for about 40 years and still listen to often today. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I’ve reached for and played again a record that still stands today due to your contributions. You have greatly enriched my life with your talents.

Thank you, Lubangi Muniania for agreeing to speak with us today and for supporting Shiko’s efforts to carry on in his efforts to keep great musical traditions fresh and alive.


You are invited to add your comments, greetings and well wishes for Shiko in the comments section here.

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    Time: June 19 - 11:00:00 am
  • King Kester Emeneya & Victoria Eleison Dream Team Dream Band, “sebene from DORIS ILOKO (theme song)”


    Black Music - 1995

  • Time: June 19 - 11:02:26 am
  • Afro International De Mimi Ley

    Afro International, “Alitalia”

    from Afro International De Mimi Ley

    Editions Veve International - 1986

  • Time: June 19 - 11:11:36 am
  • Vonga Ayé, Docteur Nico & Deyesse, “Probleme Eleki”

    from Afro Dance Music Présente Vonga - Nico - Deyesse

    Afro Dance Music

  • Time: June 19 - 11:18:32 am
  • M'Pongo Love, “Sabotage”

    from Gina

    TLI Production

  • Time: June 19 - 11:26:36 am
  • Pepe Kalle et l'Orchestre Empire Bakuba, “Mbata Na Mokongo”

    from Bonana 85

    Alia Music - 1985

    by request

  • Time: June 19 - 11:37:06 am
  • Interview with Lubangi Muniania, “Part A & B”

    from N/A


  • Time: June 19 - 11:40:09 am
  • Verckys & Le VeVe, “Nakomitunaka”

    from Verckys & Le VeVe 1960 1971

    African/Sonodisc - 1998

  • Time: June 19 - 11:48:02 am
  • Interview with Lubangi Muniania, “Part C”

    from N/A


  • Time: June 19 - 11:50:25 am
  • Orchestre Symba, “Lokolo”

    from Cuvre Nawesi et l'Orchestre Symba


  • Time: June 19 - 12:01:59 pm
  • Interview with Lubangi Muniania, “Part D”

    from N/A


  • Time: June 19 - 12:05:27 pm
  • Kimbanda Nzila

    Shiko Mawatu, “Moziki”

    from Kimbanda Nzila

    Tabilulu Productions/iMak Entertainment - 2007

    by request

  • Time: June 19 - 12:17:37 pm
  • Interview with Lubangi Muniania, “PART E”

    from N/A


  • Time: June 19 - 12:22:51 pm
  • Manu - Single

    Shiko Mawatu, “Manu”

    from Manu - Single

    Tabilulu Productions - 2014

    by request

  • Time: June 19 - 12:26:53 pm
  • Sans Commentaire

    Madilu System, “Ya Jean”

    from Sans Commentaire

    Syllart Records - 1993

    by request

  • Time: June 19 - 12:34:20 pm
  • Pouvoir

    Madilu System, “Si je savais ça”

    from Pouvoir

    JPS - 2016

    by request

  • Time: June 19 - 12:41:43 pm
  • Tshala Muana, “C'Est Bon, C'Est Mal”

    from Malu

    JPS Production - 2002

  • Time: June 19 - 12:47:08 pm
  • Keba

    Faya Tess, “Gina”

    from Keba

    Do Soul - 2000

  • Time: June 19 - 12:53:38 pm
  • Le Commandant Josky Kiambukuta, “Double Face”

    from Oui Ca Va

    Clarys Music - 2003

    Ambiance Congo / The Other Black Music    June 19th, 2022

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