Cause and Effect presents:

HOUR  #  1

Charles Mingus/Tijuana Gift Shop/New Tijuana Moods/Bluebird/1986
Charles Mingus/Boogie Stop Shuffle/Mingus Ah Um/Columbia/ 2009
Charles Mingus/Jump Mon/At the Bohemia/OJC/1990
Charles Mingus/Fables of Faubus/Sound of Jazz/Gemcom/1988
Charles Mingus/Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting/Blues & Roots/Rhino/1998
Charles Mingus Sextet/Sophisticated Lady/Cornell 1964/Blue Note/2007
Charles Mingus/i Left My Heart In San Francisco//In Paris 1970/Sunnyside/2007
Charles Mingus/Don’t Br Afraid, The Clown’s Afraid Too/Live @ UCLA 1965/Sunnyside/2005
HOUR  #  2
Charles Mingus/Roland Kirk’s Message/Mingus Plays Piano/Impulse/1997
Joni Mitchell/GoodBye Porkpie Hat/Mingus/Asylum/1979
Mingus Dynasty/Cell Block F ‘Tis Nazi USA/I Am Three/Sunnyside/2005
Mingus Big Band/Nostalgia In Times Square/The Essential Mingus Big Band/Dreyfus/2001
Harry Skoler/Underdog/The Music of Charles Mingus/Sunnyside/2022
Stephanie Nilles/Oh Lord Don’t Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb On Me/The White Flag/Sunnyside/2021
Ethan Philson/Prayer For Passive Resistance/Meditation on Mingus/Sunnyside/2022
John Hebert/ Remember Rockefeller  At Attica/Sounds of Love/Sunnyside/2022
The Quintet/Salt Peanuts/Jazz At Massey Hall/Debut-OJC/1989
                                                                      SO MUCH MUSIC…………………SO LITTLE TIME
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    Cause and Effect    August 20th, 2022

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