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Wes Freed died Sunday. He sang for Mutant Drone, Mudd Helmut, Dirtball, The Shiners, Mag Bats, but was also known for his art, particularly Drive-By Truckers covers. I’m gonna play many of these bands. And also debut a song by Future Projektor who have a record release gig at The Byrd Saturday 3:30pm. Tune in Friday 9-11pm on WRIR.

(art: Wes Freed)
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Meat Beat Manifesto – United Nations

The Smiths – The Queen is Dead (part)
Future Projektor – Cause and Effect (pt 6 of The Kybalion)  [new!]
(Saturday 3:30pm record release party at The Byrd Theatre)
Hex Machine – Blueprint to Madness [Saturday at Fuzzy Cactus]

Wes Freed tribute:
Dirt Ball – Gone Yonder (’94)
Mark Holmberg interview with Wes Freed
Mutant Drone – Witch Hunt (’84)

White Cross – Pink Flamingo (’83)
Mudd Helmut – You Won’t Be Here Tomorrow (’86)

Mudd Helmut stories
Mudd Helmut – N.Y.C. Morning (’90)
Mudd Helmut – Whatever (’90)

Mudd Helmut stories
Mudd Helmut – Somethings Gotta Give (’88)
Mudd Helmut – Give Me Sensation (’88)
Mudd Helmut – Sometimes I Feel (’91)

Dirt Ball – Hills, Whores, and Liquor Stores (’94)
Dirt Ball – Little Only (’94)
Dirt Ball – 12 Ounces Closer to God (live 5/15/93)
Dirt Ball – Cloudy Moon (’98)
Dirt Ball – Holy Ground (’99)

Rocket 69 – Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight
The Shiners – Elvis Sings to Jesus (’02)
Mag Bats – Devil’s X (live on WRIR 9-2-11)
Shiners – Crow Holler (’01) [part]

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    What the Fontaine?!    September 9th, 2022

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