The Motherland Influence presents:

Amadou Ballake, Kante Manfila, Baba Commandant, Kady Diarra


African, Latin & Caribbean music.

We start with a couple of 1970s classics from Burkina Faso, one of which is Amaou Ballake’s original song about money problems, “Wariko”.

He actually recorded three songs by that name that I know of. We’ll play an 80s song of his by that name, then another 80s song by Kante Manfila of Guinea.

Follow these with two contemporary burning hot “Wariko” songs from Burkina Faso, then MORE!

Yes, MORE! Music from Benin, Cabo Verde, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Martinique and RDCongo. And MORE!


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    The Motherland Influence    September 18th, 2022

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