The Sunday Morning Jazz Show presents:

Top of the morning, and welcome to another interesting presentation.   Great music for you to enjoy.

HOUR   #  1
Craig Davis/Compado/Tone Paintings/MCG/2022
Doug Macdonald/Easy To Love/I’ll See you In My Dreams/DMAC Music/2022
Jeremy Wong/Never Will  Marry/Hey There/Factor/2022
Steve Knight/Change The World/Persistence/SKM/2022
Steven Feifke-Bijon Watson/Until/Generation Gap Orchestra/Cellar 20/2022
Marshall Gilkes/Beat The Clock/Cyclic Journey/Alternative Side/2022
Shawn Purcell/Hoodang/180/Origin/2022
Steve Shapiro/Plan To Be Spontaneous/Plan To Be Spontaneous/Solidtone/2022
Brulez les Meubles/L’ampieur des degats/L’appel du vide/Tour De Bras/2022
Amina Figarova/Road Ahead/Joy/AMFI Records/2022
Sweet Megg & Ricky Alexander/I’m In Love Again/Turtle Bay/2021
HOUR  #  2
Chet Doxas/House of Ypres/Rich In Symbols II/Justin Time/2022
Joe Coughlin/Nature Boy/Dedicated to You/Cellar 20/2022
Bruce Barth/Let’s Go/Dedication/Origin/2022
Judy Whitmore/Speak Low/Isn’t It Romantic/Arden House/2022
Steve Gadd-Eddie Gomez/Them Changes/Center Stage/Leopard/2022
JD Allen/The Werk Song/Americana Vol. 2/Savant/2022
Chris Cortez/The Visit/Live At Blue Bamboo/Blue Bamboo/2022
Gustavo Cortinas/Walkin’/Kind Regards/Desafio Candente//2022
Connected Bones/Tones For Joan’s Bones/Home IIs Where Your Bone Is/Rodenstein/2021
Michael Petrucciani/In A Sentimental Mood/Solo In Denmark/Storyville/2022
                                                           SO MUCH MUSIC……..SO LITTLE TIME
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    The Sunday Morning Jazz Show    September 25th, 2022

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