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Kicking off Spooktober with some of the amazing film soundtracks from Lucifer RIsing, the semi doomed film from Kenneth Anger, released finally in 1980.  Evidently, he had Mick Jagger record a soundtrack, which he used for a different film, and then got Bobby Beausoleil start on it, and then fired him, then Bobby went to prision for the Charlie Manson murders (He was Charlies Guitar player and cult member) and then got Jimmy Page to give it a stab, but then they had a falling out and Jimmy’s wife kicked him out.  Kenneth was a difficult man.  Finally, with around 3000 dollars of music gear, Bobby recorded the complete soundtrack, mixed, and mastered all by Bobby and some prisoners in prison, and Kenneth released his film.


I heard it and knew I needed to show it to you all, so here it is, along with Jimmy’s faulty work.  Finally, we close out the show with like themed material, perfect for a cold spooktober night!


Lucifer Rising Soundtrack – Bobby Beausoleil
Lucifer Rising Soundtrack – Jimmy Page
Pink Floyd – Lucifer Sam – Piper
Candlemass – Lucifer Rising – Death Magic Doom
Electric Wizard – Lucifer (We’ve Gone TOo Far) – Legalize Drugs & Murder
Funkadelic – Miss Lucifer’s Love – America Eats its young
Green Lung – Lady Lucifer – Free The Witch
The Flaming Lips – Lucifer Rising – In A Prist Driven Ambulance
Throbbing Gristle – Image THree: Lucifer – Giftgas (A Children’s Story by T.G.)
Ufomammut – Lucifer Song – Lucifer Songs

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    Catastrophe Cats    October 7th, 2022

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