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Today we have on journalists from the VCU Capitol News

Gabriela de Camargo Gonçalves, Executive Editor @theCT  @vcucns

I was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil and moved to Columbus, Ohio in 2016. When it was time to choose where to go to college, I chose Virginia Commonwealth University for its arts program because of my love for painting and drawing. But I quickly realized I liked to be creative as an outlet, not a job. I turned to my other love: writing. I have always loved writing, and journalism came swinging. When it was 2020, and I was amid lockdowns and protests, I saw the value of journalism and how bad I wanted to a part of that world — be a vessel of words for the community I chose and make a real impact. I stuck with VCU because of the beautiful campus and in part to get away from the frigid Ohio winters. As soon as my college classes started, the passion grew even bigger with my digital/print journalism major and political science minor. I became wide eyed for the industry and yearning to be a part of it practically. I turned to the independent student-ran newspaper, The Commonwealth Times. A few semesters later, and lots of learning and growing, I am the managing editor of The CT with internships and making the most of my college experience.

Natalie Barr – journalist  @VCU reporter for @vcuinsight staff writer for @theCT

Hi, I am Natalie, a senior journalism student at Virginia Commonwealth University. Prior to studying journalism, I graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising and worked in New York City for three years as a Stylist Assistant. I plan to work in the field of political journalism in Washington, D.C., upon graduation. Through my website, I will showcase articles I have written on health care and politics in the Richmond and Northern Virginia areas. As a reporter for Capital News Service, I covered Virginia’s 7 District Congressional Race for the 2022 midterms. Through CNS, I have been published in various outlets across Virginia. Check out the other articles I have written for Virginia Commonwealth University’s student newspaper, the Commonwealth Times.

Alix Bryan-Campos – Assistant Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University

Award-winning journalist and journalism educator with over 14 years working in publishing, who has a commitment to equitable community, focus on emerging technologies and a multiplatform nimbleness. Ability to listen, learn and report impactful news stories, as a journalist and educator. Mentors students to help them understand and achieve potential, as well as their place in a global community. I am happy to connect and see what we can accomplish together. Email [email protected] or send me a message here. You can view the work created through Capital News Service, a program I co-direct, at https://vcucns.com/


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    Women & Politics    February 23rd, 2023

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