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    Time: April 20 - 5:04:00 pm
  • Levitation

    Hawkwind, “Levitation”

    from Levitation

    Atomhenge - 2009

  • Time: April 20 - 5:09:47 pm
  • Orang-Utan

    Orangutan, “Chocolate Piano”

    from Orang-Utan

    SOMMOR - 1971

  • Time: April 20 - 5:16:23 pm
  • A Psychedelic Psauna (In Four Parts)

    Ozric Tentacles, “Erp Riff '83”

    from A Psychedelic Psauna (In Four Parts)

    Cherry Red Records - 1991

  • Time: April 20 - 5:21:46 pm
  • Binbeal - EP

    Comacozer, “Binbeal”

    from Binbeal - EP

    Riot Season Records - 2018

  • Time: April 20 - 5:39:45 pm
  • Rhythms from a Cosmic Sky

    Earthless, “Sonic Prayer”

    from Rhythms from a Cosmic Sky

    Nuclear Blast Entertainment - 2018

  • Time: April 20 - 6:04:57 pm
  • Like Elephants 1

    The Movements, “Boogin'”

    from Like Elephants 1

    Sunrise Ocean Bender - 2014

  • Time: April 20 - 6:12:12 pm
  • Chef Menteur, “Narconaut”

    from III

    Sunrise Ocean Bender / Backporch Revolution - 2015

  • Time: April 20 - 6:17:01 pm
  • Sons of the Void, “A Kick Like That”

    from Sons of the Void

    Sunrise Ocean Bender Records - 2016

  • Time: April 20 - 6:25:50 pm
  • Lamagaia, “Aurora”

    from Lamagaia

    Sunrise Ocean Bender / Cardinal Fuzz - 2017

  • Time: April 20 - 6:41:51 pm
  • Primordial Undermind, “Hermetic Armada”

    from An Imaginal Abydos

    Deep Water Acres / Sunrise Ocean Bender - 2022

  • Time: April 20 - 6:49:38 pm
  • Dead Sea Apes, “Tentacles”

    from Recondite

    Cardinal Fuzz / Sunrise Ocean Bender - 2018

  • Time: April 20 - 6:56:58 pm
  • Prana Crafter, “Kosmic Eko”

    from Enter the Stream

    Sunrise Ocean Bender / Cardinal Fuzz - 2018

    Sunrise Ocean Bender / Altered Circuitry: ReWired    April 20th, 2023

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  • Ravenval says:

    Kevin was one of a kind. I will miss him terribly. There aren’t words to properly convey what a great friend he was to me and so many others. So talented, helpful and warm-hearted to those who knew him. His show, Sunrise Ocean Bender, has been my favorite for many years. I’m honored that he called me his friend. Love to his family, friends and all at WRIR.

  • Alec Vance says:

    Thanks for this. Your tribute to Kevin was perfect. He uplifted and spread our music just as he did for so many others.

  • Kevin Moist says:

    Oh, and thanks to DJ Entropy for doing this show. Like the Wizard King says, I also needed to hear that tonight. It was much appreciated.

  • Kevin Moist says:

    I was devastated to hear about the loss of Kevin McFadin. Sunrise Ocean Bender has been a fixture of my listening. I tried to catch every episode live, and we would always BS back and forth electronically throughout the show—me often with questions about the great music he was playing, him with hilarious one-line reviews of his own live performance… I have known few people who loved—like, LOVED—music as much as Kevin. His voracious appetite for new sounds and gonzo enthusiasm for the stuff he loved most was what made SOB such a trip. It was a special kick and a real treat when he let me take over the navigator’s seat for an occasional show, his energy was infectious even long distance. That is something I will greatly miss about Kevin, the charge he could generate and generously radiate. That, and also his perennial raves about the New Wave of British Heavy Metal—man was a walking encyclopedia of the stuff—and the glee with which he’d drop a set of it into the middle of a mellow space-rock episode of SOB. He was a trickster like that.

  • b says:

    “we have places to go.” 🙏🏻

  • Tracy Herman says:

    Devastated to hear this news! I’ve loved Kevin’s show for years and while I never knew him, his music taste seemed to signal how incredibly cool he was! RVA and the whole world lost a true gem. Sending all my love to his family, friends, and the whole WRIR crew.

  • Preston Matson (The Wizard King) says:

    You’re doing a beautiful job paying tribute to Kevin. Words well spoken and tracks well chosen. I deeply appreciate you stepping up to the plate where I could not this evening. Listening to this is exactly what I need right now.

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