The Sunday Morning Jazz Show presents:

Good morning, and welcome to another session packed with great new music. Happy Father’s Day to all.  Enjoy.
HOUR  #  1
Dr. John/Litanie des Saintes/Going Back to New Orleans/Warner Brothers/1992
Ray Vega-Thomas Marriott/Girl Talk/Coast to Coast/Origin/2023
Michael Costantino/Yesterdays/The Song Inside The Tune/MMCM/2023
Anthony Hervey/Chrystal Stair/Words From My Horn/Outside In Music/2023
Buselli- Wallarab Jazz Orchestra/Wolverine Blues/The Gennett Suite/Patois/2023
Keigho Hirakawa/Change of Plans/Pixel/Origin/2023
Judith Owen/Keep on Churning/Unapologetically/Twanky Records/2023
Rumba Calzada/Feel The Sun/Feel The sun/RMC/2023
Vicente Archer/It Takes Two to Know One/Short Stories/Cellar Music/2023
Michael Hawkins/Niambi/On Bass/MHM/2023
HOUR  #  @
Nanny Assis/Insensatez/Rovanio/In & Out Music/2023
Noshir Mody/What Tomorrow May Bring/A Love Song/NMM/2023
June Bisantz-Gordon Morrell/Will You Love Me Tomorrow/It’s Been A Long Time/Fun Devils/2023
Stephen Jones-Ben Haugland/Silhouette/Road To No Where/OA2/2023
Tim Ray/Fire & rain/Fire & Rain/Whaling City Sound/
Charlie Apicella & Iron City/Where Do You Find These People ?/The Griots Speak/OA2/2023
Laila Biali/My Funny Valentine/Your Requests/IMAGO/2023
Patricia Julien Project/Sky Pointing/Sky Pointing/Planet Arts/2023
Dhaivat Jani/Klaeidoscope/Sum//Parts/DJM/2023
                                         SO MUCH MUSIC……..SO LITTLE TIME
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    The Sunday Morning Jazz Show    June 18th, 2023

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