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Welcome to the 19th Anniversary edition of the Lost Music Saloon’s very first show back on June 18, 2004. I’m celebrating by re-creating that very first show (except for adding a new Juneteenth song).  It’s been an unbelievably fast 19 years on my end, and WRIR has come a looong way as a radio station. Back then we were broadcasting from a room about the size of a large closet in a basement. When it rained the floors sometimes puddled with water. It seemed like the bathroom failed to work more often than not. And we were only webcasting back in those days – – we weren’t  broadcasting over the air yet. There were times you could count the entire listening audience on one hand! Thank You to all of the listeners & supporters of this station, and my show, out there – – we couldn’t have come this far without you!

Lost Music Saloon: PLAYLIST: June 19, 2023: 5:00-7:00 p.m.: 19th Anniversary Show!!

01) Backsliders: Throwin’ Rocks at the Moon: Throwin’ Rocks at the Moon/Mammoth
02) Old 97’s (duet with Exene Cervenka of “X”): Four Leaf Clover: Too Far To Care/Elektra
03) Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers: Jack vs. Jose: Honky Tonk Union/ Emma Java
04) Scott Miller: Dear Sarah: Thus Always To Tyrants/Sugar Hill
05) Highwaymen: The Road Goes On Forever: Road Goes On Forever/ Liberty
06) Robbie Fulks (duet with Kelly Willis): Parallel Bars: Very Best Of Robbie Fulks/Bloodshot
07) Loretta Lynn (duet with Jack White of “White Stripes”): Portland, Oregon: Van Lear Rose/Interscope
08) Steve Earle: Billy and Bonnie: I Feel Alright/WB
09) Beaver Nelson: Landed In the Mud: The Last Hurrah/Freedom
10) Joe Ely: Gallo Del Cielo: Letter to Laredo/MCA
11) Son Volt: Tear-Stained Eye: Trace/WB
12) Wilco: Box Full of Letters: A.M./Sire
13) Whiskeytown: Houses On the Hill: Strangers Almanac/Outpost
14) Ray Charles: 3/4 Time: Complete C&W Recordings/Rhino


15) For Juneteenth: June 19, 1865: Freedom For All
– Chris Pierce: Tulsa Town: Let All Who Will (9/1/2023)
The subject of this song is the Tulsa Race riot of 1921, and while it dramatically portrays the events of a hundred years ago, it also states the uncomfortable truth that some things hadn’t changed all that much in the intervening years.


16) Ted Hawkins: There Stands the Glass: Next Hundred Years/Geffen
17) Cornershop: Good to be on the Road Back Home: When I Was Born For the 7th Time/Luaka Bop
18) Jimmie Dale Gilmore: Just a Wave: Spinning Around the Sun/Elektra
19) Colin Gilmore: Good Times Stay: The Day The World Stopped/ Squirm
20) Billy Joe Shaver: Blood Is Thicker Than Water: Earth Rolls On/New West
21) Continental Drifters: Matty Groves: Listen, Listen/Blue Rose
22) Terry Allen: After the Fall: Human Remains/Sugar Hill
23) Terry Allen: Ain’t No Top 40 Song: Salivation/Sugar Hill
24) Yayhoos: What Are We Waiting For: Fear Not the Obvious/Bloodshot
25) Marlee MacLeod: Mata Hari Dress: Vertigo/TRG
26) Lyle Lovett: Give Back My Heart: Pontiac/MCA
27) Mark Germino: Rex Bob Lowenstein: Radartown/BMG


Live in Richmond, 7:30 p.m. on Sat. June 24 @ the Get Tight Lounge:

– Lauren Morrow: Hustle: People Talk


Garry, DJ
Lost Music Saloon

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    Time: June 19 - 1:04:00 pm
  • Throwin' Rocks At the Moon

    The Backsliders, “Throwin' Rocks At the Moon”

    from Throwin' Rocks At the Moon

    Mammoth - 1997

  • Time: June 19 - 1:07:51 pm
  • Too Far to Care (Expanded)

    Old 97's, “Four Leaf Clover”

    from Too Far to Care (Expanded)

    Rhino/Elektra - 2012

  • Time: June 19 - 1:11:12 pm
  • Honky Tonk Union

    Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers, “Jack vs. Jose”

    from Honky Tonk Union

    Emma Java Recordings - 1999

  • Time: June 19 - 1:16:51 pm
  • Scott Miller & The Commonwealth, “Dear Sarah”

    from Thus Always to Tyrants

    Sugar Hill - 2001

  • Time: June 19 - 1:19:50 pm
  • The Road Goes On Forever

    Highwaymen, “The Road Goes On Forever”

    from The Road Goes On Forever

    Capitol Nashville - 1995

  • Time: June 19 - 1:24:31 pm
  • I Feel Alright

    Steve Earle, “Billy and Bonnie”

    from I Feel Alright

    Warner Records - 1996

  • Time: June 19 - 1:28:10 pm
  • Loretta Lynn, “Portland, Oregon”

    from Van Lear Rose


  • Time: June 19 - 1:31:59 pm
  • Robbie Fulks, “Parallel Bars (feat. Kelly Willis)”

    from The Very Best Of

    Bloodshot - 1999

  • Time: June 19 - 1:35:06 pm
  • The Last Hurrah

    Beaver Nelson, “Landed in the Mud”

    from The Last Hurrah

    Freedom Records - 1998

  • Time: June 19 - 1:37:54 pm
  • Joe Ely, “Gallo del Cielo”

    from Letter to Laredo

    MCA - 1995

  • Time: June 19 - 1:44:58 pm
  • Trace

    Son Volt, “Tear Stained Eye”

    from Trace

    Rhino/Warner Records - 2005

  • Time: June 19 - 1:48:26 pm
  • A.M.

    Wilco, “Box Full of Letters”

    from A.M.

    Nonesuch - 2014

  • Time: June 19 - 1:51:32 pm
  • Strangers Almanac

    Whiskeytown, “Houses on the Hill”

    from Strangers Almanac

    Outpost - 1997

  • Time: June 19 - 1:54:10 pm
  • Ray Charles, “3/4 Time”

    from Complete C&W Recordings

    Rhino/Warner Bros. - 2000

  • Time: June 19 - 2:00:00 pm
  • Chris Pierce, “Tulsa Town”

    from Let All Who Will

    CP - 2023

  • Time: June 19 - 2:07:11 pm
  • The Next Hundred Years

    Ted Hawkins, “There Stands the Glass”

    from The Next Hundred Years

    CM ANGEL (A91) - 1994

  • Time: June 19 - 2:09:46 pm
  • When I Was Born for the 7th Time

    Cornershop, “Good to Be On the Road Back Home Again”

    from When I Was Born for the 7th Time

    Wiiija - 1997

  • Time: June 19 - 2:15:31 pm
  • Jimmie Dale Gilmore, “Just a Wave, Not the Water”

    from Spinning Around the Sun


  • Time: June 19 - 2:19:44 pm
  • The Day the World Stopped and Spun the Other Way

    Colin Gilmore, “Good Times Stay”

    from The Day the World Stopped and Spun the Other Way

    Squirm Records - 2004

  • Time: June 19 - 2:22:55 pm
  • The Earth Rolls On

    Billy Joe Shaver, “Blood is Thicker Than Water”

    from The Earth Rolls On

    New West Records - 2001

  • Time: June 19 - 2:26:22 pm
  • Continental Drifters, “Matty Groves”

    from Listen, Listen

    Blue Rose - 2001

  • Time: June 19 - 2:32:24 pm
  • Human Remains

    Terry Allen, “After the Fall”

    from Human Remains

    Sugar Hill Records - 2006

  • Time: June 19 - 2:37:45 pm
  • Salivation

    Terry Allen, “Ain't No Top 40 Song”

    from Salivation

    Sugar Hill Records - 2006

  • Time: June 19 - 2:43:55 pm
  • Fear Not the Obvious

    The Yayhoos, “What Are We Waiting for”

    from Fear Not the Obvious

    Bloodshot Records - 2001

  • Time: June 19 - 2:46:52 pm
  • Vertigo

    Marlee Macleod, “Mata Hari Dress”

    from Vertigo

    TRG Records - 1997

  • Time: June 19 - 2:50:13 pm
  • Pontiac

    Lyle Lovett, “Give Back My Heart”

    from Pontiac

    Curb Records - 1987

  • Time: June 19 - 2:53:16 pm
  • Mark Germino and the Sluggers, “Rex Bob Lowenstein”

    from Radartown

    RCA / BMG - 1991

    Lost Music Saloon    June 19th, 2023

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