The Sunday Morning Jazz Show presents:

Can’t believe we’ve made it to the middle of Summer already. Time is really moving. Check out today’s selections. Enjoy!
HOUR # 1
Dr. John/Litanie Des Saintes/Going Back To New Orleans/Warner Bros/1992
Pacific Jazz Group/Nights At The Turntable/The Pacific Jazz Group/2023
Ray Blue/Fungii Mama/#People/Jazzheads/2023
Olivia Maisel/Last Time For Love/A Moment In Time/OMM/2023
Harry Allen Orchestra/Takes A Moment/With Roses/Triangle 7/2023
Greg Satterthwaithe/Tippin’/Savannah Blue/GSM/2023
Dee Daniels-Denzal Sinclaire/Softly and Tenderly/Cellar Music/2023
Steve Yeager/Stolen Moments/Collective Vibe/SYM/2023
Clifford Jordan/Talking Blues/drink plenty water/Harvest song /2022
Michael Hawkins/Niambi/ On Bass/MHM/2023
Jason Mingledorff/Round Down/Start It !/JMM/2023
HOUR #   2
Javon Jackson/That’s Earl Brother/With Peter Bradley/Solid Jackson/2023
Jalen Baker/Jinrikisha/Be Still/Cellar Music/2023
Benny Benack,III/Catching Drift/Third Time’s The Charm/Bandstand/2023
Lennie Moore/Smoke & Mirrors/Mentors/LMM/2023
Steven Feifke/The Promised Land/Catalyst/Bandstand/2023
Doug Beavers/Sea/Luna/Circle 9/2023
Marty Isenberg/Rebel Rebel/The Way I Feel Inside/Truth Revolution/2023
Heidi Martin/African Waltz/Gifts & Sacrifices/HMM/2023
Francois Bourassa/Costard/Swirl/Effendi/2023
Raymond Scott/Cutey and the Dragon/Reimagined/Violin Jazz/2023
                                            SO MUCH MUSIC…………….SO LITTLE TIME
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    The Sunday Morning Jazz Show    July 16th, 2023

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