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HOUR #  1


Horace Silver/We’ve Got Silver @ Six/Har5d Bop Grandpop/Impulse/1996

Quartet San Francisco/The Quintette Goes To A Dance4/Raymond Scott/Violinjazz/2023

Pete McCann/Without Question/Without Question/Mccannic Music/2023

Gaea Schell/El Picacho/In Your Own Sweet Way/GSWM/2023

Nite Bjuti/Witchez/Nite Bjuti/Whirlwind Records/2023

Dave Goldberg/Thank You Very Monk/Tritone Records/2023

Joe Alterman/The Stragler/Big Mo & Little Joe/JAM/2023

Mercedes Nicole/Rio De Janeiro Blue/Dare To Love…Dare To Dream/MNM/2023

Hot Toddies Jazz Band/I’m In The Mood For Love/Hot Toddies Jazz Band/Prohibition Productions/2023


HOUR  #  2


Jason Mingledorff/Last Friday Night/Start It !~/JMM/2023

Griffin Woodard Quartet/My Funny Valentine/Precious One/GWM/2023

14  Jazz Orchestra/Jitterbug Waltz/Islands/Dabon Music/2023

Lenora Zenzalai Helm/Tears AQre A River/Journeywoman/Zenzalai Music/2023

Doug Macdonald Trio/Zoot and Pepper/Edwin Alley/DMAC Music/2023

Jon Menges/Tree of Hope/Spirit of 3..Spirit of 4JMM/2023

Olivia Van Goor/Over The Rainbow/Don’t Be Mad At Me/OVGM/2023

Bobby Sanabria/Spooky/Multiverse Big Band/Jazzheads/2023

Acantha Lang/Sugar Woman/Beautiful Dreams/Magnolia Blue Records/2023

Gerry Gibbs/Livin For The City/Family/Whaling City Sound/2023








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    Bebop and Beyond with Mr. Jazz    August 6th, 2023

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