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「映画ラジオ」#6 🎞

What made Ozu so determined to shoot a mightily dark film to conclude his black and white period? The answer was to be found in Tokyo Twilight (1957). Walked away from his usual portrayal of so-called tolerant Japanese wives. Here, three runaway mothers were struggling for hope in a fearfully despairing winter, each carrying their own crime and punishment. Ineko Arima, the heartbreakingly beautiful Akiko, has to be one of the most memorable Ozu characters of all time. It hit me hard during OZU 120 at Film Forum this past June – now it’s my radio’s turn to screen this classic with extra music from Harue Momoyama, Meiko Kaji, Taeko Ohnuki and more. Turn your dial, pick a headphone, matinee room opens 1pm @wrir973

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    Banji Kaicho    August 14th, 2023

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