The Sunday Morning Jazz Show presents:

Good morning and welcome to another edition of TSMJS. Lotsa great music to share with you this  set. Enjoy !
HOUR  # 1
Dr. John/Litanie Des Saintes/Going Back to New Orleans/Warner Bros/1992
Geof Bradfield Quintet/Solid Jackson/Quaver/Calligram/2023
Joel Harrison/The Times They Are A-Changin’/Anthem of Unity/High Note/2023
Jon-Erik Kellso/Back O’ Town Blues/Live At The Ear Inn/Arbors Jazz/2023
Arman Sangalang/Rollins/Quartet/Calligram/2023
Joe Alterman/Ruby Jubilation/Big Mo & little joe/JAM/2023
Steve Carrington/Garretized/ Friends R Family/Samech Music/2023
Pete McCann/Conspiracy Theory/Without Question/PMM/2023
Jay Hoggard/Overview/Retro Focus/Mombassa Music/2023
Bill McGee/Flight Time/The Tree of Life/804 Jazz/2023
Aline Homzy/Mesarthim/Etoile Magique/Factor/2023
HOUR #  2
Chad Mccullough/Retroactive  Resonance/The Charm of Impossibilities/Calligram/2023
Bellbird/Maybe I Won’t Go/Root In Tandem/Bellbird/2023
Maci Miller/Firm Roots/Nine/Macimusic/2023
Alfredo Rodriguez/Fur Elise/Coral Way/Mack Avenue/2023
Russ Johnson Quartet/Dog Gone It/Reveal/ Calligram/2023
Mehmet Ali Sanlikol/A Capoeira Turca/Tales From Swing to Psychedelic/Dunya/2023
Lorca Hart/Like This/Inspiration & Gratitude/Night Is Alive/2023
Mercedes Nicole/Save Your Love For Me/Dare to Love-Dare to Dream/MNM/2023
Dave Goldberg/Last Stop/The Other Side/Tritone Music/2023
Nite Ejuti/Illustrious Negro Dead/Nite Ejuti/Whirdwind Music/2023
Matt Otto/Prez/ Umbra/Origin/2023
Marc Copland/Nardis/Someday/Inner Voice Jazz/2023
                                                            SO MUCH MUSIC…………………SO LITTLE TIME
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    The Sunday Morning Jazz Show    August 27th, 2023

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