Live from the Audience presents:

~ Concert 1 ~

Blues Traveler
12.8.04 (Incirlik Air Base – Incirlik, Turkey)

The Star Spangled Banner
Carolina Blues
No Pattern
Run Around
No Woman, No Cry )Bob Marley cover)
You Reach Me
NY Prophesie
Imagine (John Lennon cover)
But Anyway
Crash Burn
Freebird (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover)


~ Concert 2 ~

Counting Crows
9.19.97 (Blockbuster Pavilion – San Bernardino, CA)

Recovering The Satellites
Angels Of The Silences (electric version)
Daylight Fading
Anna Begins
Children In Bloom
Goodnight Elisabeth
Mercury (Acoustic)
Mr. Jones (Acoustic)
Omaha (Acoustic)
Raining In Baltimore
Round Here / Private Archipelago
Have You Seen Me Lately?
Rain King
A Murder of One

~ Encore ~

A Long December

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    Live from the Audience    September 2nd, 2023

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