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“What the Fontaine?!: You never know what you’ll hear next on this fun mix of tunes from across the decades and musical genres.”

Tonight 9-11pmEDT I’ll play you music from The Plasmatics, Pixies, Flipper, Killing Joke, Black Flag, and so much more. Tune in!

(Plasmatics – Beyond the Valley of 1984: Stiff Records)
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Meat Beat Manifesto – United Nations

The B-52s – Mesopotamia
The Plasmatics – Summer Nite
Pixies – Wave of Mutilation
Roxy Music – Over You

The Coolies – Scarborough Fair [Simon and Garfunkel cover]
Silicon Teens – Judy in Disguise [John Fred & His Playboy Band cover]
Crazy Backwards Alphabet – Sarayushka (La Grange) [ZZ Top cover]
Robert Gordon – Black Slacks [Joe Bennett & the Sparkletones cover]
Polecats – Jeepster [T. Rex cover]

Consolidated – Dysfunctional Relationship
Yaz – Situation
Kraftwerk – The Model
Cabaret Voltaire – Obsession

Killing Joke – Tension
Swell Maps – Border Country
Pere Ubu – I, Will Wait

Flipper – Life
No Trend – Freak
Butthole Surfers – I Saw an X-Ray of a Girl Passing Gas

Dead Can Dance – Cantara [part]
Can – Dizzy Dizzy

Fear – More Beer
Black Flag – Jealous Again
The Damned – Neat Neat Neat

Public Image Ltd – Banging the Door
Cows – Sexy Pee Story

Adam Sandler – Buddy
Monty Python – Sit on My Face
The Cult – Nirvana
DAG – Lovely Jane

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    What the Fontaine?!    June 21st, 2024

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