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Welcome to another “All New Music!” edition of the Lost Music Saloon. I take pride in finding, listening to, selecting, and then airing new music during my shows here at WRIR. It’s all a part of bringing you music, news & views that you just won’t find on other radio stations out there. It’s a beautiful day out there here in central Virginia, so find yourself someplace comfortable to enjoy the summer warmth, and listen in to some good new music coming from the Saloon. You’ll be glad you did!

Lost Music Saloon: PLAYLIST: July 1, 2024: 5-7:00 p.m.: New Music

Josh Morningstar: Get By (We’re All Just Tryin’ To Make It) (FCC mfer @ 1:46-7 in): Josh Morningstar
Miranda Hardy: Consider This My Notice: The Price of Happiness
Crow And Gazelle: Blackbird: As Above Now So Below
Christian Parker: Full Circle: Change Is Now

George Ducas: Mr. Guitar Man: Long Way From Home
Maggie Antone: Johnny Moonshine: Rhinestoned
Matt Hillyer: Moving Away (edit): Bright Skyline
Kaitlin Butts: Hunt You Down (Clean): RoadRunner!

Silverada: Stubborn Son: Silverada
Pony Bradshaw: Ginseng Daddy: Thus Spoke the Fool
Cyrena Wages: Robin Hood: Vanity Project
Tony Trischka: Dooley: Earl Jam

Reckless Kelly: Keep Lookin’ Down The Road: Single
Deb Seymour: Sometimes You Gotta Wear Boots: Single
Michael James (w/Josh Baca & The Hot Tamales): Oh, Would You Go With Me (Down To San Antonio): Single
Chris Cain: Still Drinking Straight Tequila: Good Intentions Gone Bad

Marfa Lights: 8 Track Cadillac: Marfa Lights
Joe Roberts: Cool, Blue Baby: EZ Answers

Chris Robeson: A Better Song: Euphoriphobia
Casey Penn: We Go Together Like A Guitar And A Fiddle: Single

Diem Lafortune: Mr. Businessman’s Blues: Beauty In Hard Times
Christopher Foust: Countriest Thing: Countriest Thing
Brennan Wedl: 2 Dollar Pistol: Scorpio EP
Jim Keller: Bungalow Road: Daylight

The Hill: Set That Aside: Get In Line
Red Camel Collective: Roll On Mississippi: Single
The Sidleys: Blackout: Sugar Kingdom
The Whiskey Charmers: Whiskey, It Was Made For Drinking: Streetlights

Heather Anne Lomax & Michael Doman: The Joni Mitchell Song: The Doman Tracks
Brant Miller: Let’s Get Out the Vote: Let’s Get Out the Vote
Joe Kaplow: Avery: Posh, Poodle, Krystal and Toe
Edgar Loudermilk Band: Your Shadow Still Hangs Heavy On This Mountain: Single

Denise La Grassa: Quit Your Whining: Sundown Rising
Michael Lawson: Not Alone: Tennessee River Shakedown
Daniel Grindstaff (w/Trey Hensley): Looking At The World Through A Windshield: Heroes And Friends
Clayton Dye: Cliffdiver: Driving Me Home

Garry, DJ
Lost Music Saloon
WRIR 97.3 FM
Richmond, Virginia

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    Time: July 1 - 1:04:00 pm
  • Josh Morningstar

    Josh Morningstar, “Get By (We're All Just Tryin' to Make It)”

    from Josh Morningstar

    Late August Records, LLC - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 1:06:17 pm
  • The Price of Happiness

    Miranda Hardy, “Consider This My Notice”

    from The Price of Happiness

    Miranda Hardy - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 1:09:45 pm
  • As Above Now so Below

    Crow and Gazelle, “Blackbird”

    from As Above Now so Below

    Crow and Gazelle - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 1:11:52 pm
  • Change Is Now: A Tribute to the Byrds

    Christian Parker, “Full Circle”

    from Change Is Now: A Tribute to the Byrds

    Edgewater Music Group - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 1:14:33 pm
  • Long Way From Home

    George Ducas, “Mr. Guitar Man”

    from Long Way From Home

    GD - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 1:17:08 pm
  • Rhinestoned

    Maggie Antone, “Johnny Moonshine”

    from Rhinestoned

    Love Big - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 1:20:07 pm
  • Bright Skyline

    Matt Hillyer, “Moving Away (Radio Edit)”

    from Bright Skyline

    State Fair Records - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 1:24:10 pm
  • Roadrunner!

    Kaitlin Butts, “Hunt You Down”

    from Roadrunner!

    Kaitlin Butts - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 1:27:34 pm
  • Silverada

    Silverada, “Stubborn Son”

    from Silverada

    Prairie Rose Records - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 1:30:44 pm
  • Thus Spoke the Fool

    Pony Bradshaw, “Ginseng Daddy”

    from Thus Spoke the Fool

    PB - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 1:33:53 pm
  • Vanity Project

    Cyrena Wages, “Robin Hood”

    from Vanity Project

    Cyrena Wages - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 1:37:17 pm
  • Earl Jam

    Tony Trischka, “Dooley (feat. Molly Tuttle & Sam Bush)”

    from Earl Jam

    Down The Road - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 1:40:36 pm
  • Keep Lookin' Down the Road - Single

    Reckless Kelly, “Keep Lookin' Down the Road”

    from Keep Lookin' Down the Road - Single

    RK - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 1:43:41 pm
  • Deb Seymour, “Sometimes You Gotta Wear Boots”

    from Sometimes You Gotta Wear Boots - Single

    DS - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 1:46:30 pm
  • Oh Would You Go with Me (Down to San Antonio) (feat. Josh Bacca and the Hot Tamales) - Single

    Michael McDonald James, “Oh Would You Go with Me (Down to San Antonio) (feat. Josh Bacca and the Hot Tamales)”

    from Oh Would You Go with Me (Down to San Antonio) (feat. Josh Bacca and the Hot Tamales) - Single

    MJ - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 1:49:17 pm
  • Good Intentions Gone Bad

    Chris Cain, “Still Drinking Straight Tequila”

    from Good Intentions Gone Bad

    Alligator Records - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 1:53:09 pm
  • Marfa Lights, “8 Track Cadillac”

    from Marfa Lights

    ML - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 1:56:52 pm
  • Joe Roberts, “Cool, Blue Baby”

    from EZ Answers

    JR - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 2:04:36 pm
  • Chris Robeson, “A Better Song”

    from Euphoriphobia

    CR - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 2:08:20 pm
  • We Go Together Like a Guitar and a Fiddle - Single

    Casey Penn, “We Go Together Like a Guitar and a Fiddle”

    from We Go Together Like a Guitar and a Fiddle - Single

    Mountain Fever Records - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 2:11:24 pm
  • Diem Lafortune, “Mr. Businessman's Blues”

    from Beauty in Hard Times

    DL - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 2:15:41 pm
  • Countriest Thing - Single

    Christopher Foust, “Countriest Thing”

    from Countriest Thing - Single

    Indiefy - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 2:19:26 pm
  • Scorpio EP

    Brennan Wedl, “2 Dollar Pistol”

    from Scorpio EP

    Kill Rock Stars - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 2:22:12 pm
  • Daylight

    Jim Keller, “Bungalow Road”

    from Daylight

    Continental Record Services - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 2:24:38 pm
  • Get In Line

    The Hill, “Set That Aside”

    from Get In Line

    Forty4 Music - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 2:27:32 pm
  • Roll On Mississippi - Single

    Red Camel Collective, “Roll On Mississippi”

    from Roll On Mississippi - Single

    Pinecastle Records - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 2:32:03 pm
  • Sugar Kingdom

    The Sidleys, “Blackout”

    from Sugar Kingdom

    My Money Records - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 2:35:19 pm
  • Streetlights

    The Whiskey Charmers, “Whiskey, It Was Made for Drinking”

    from Streetlights

    Sweet Apple Pie Records - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 2:38:08 pm
  • The Doman Tracks

    Heather Anne Lomax, “The Joni Mitchell Song”

    from The Doman Tracks

    Blackbird Record Label - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 2:41:42 pm
  • Brant Miller, “Let's Get Out the Vote”

    from Let's Get Out the Vote - Single

    BM - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 2:44:27 pm
  • Posh Poodle Krystal and Toe

    Joe Kaplow, “Avery”

    from Posh Poodle Krystal and Toe

    Fluff and Gravy Records - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 2:47:52 pm
  • Your Shadow Still Hangs Heavy on This Mountain - Single

    Edgar Loudermilk Band, “Your Shadow Still Hangs Heavy on This Mountain”

    from Your Shadow Still Hangs Heavy on This Mountain - Single

    ELB - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 2:50:47 pm
  • Sundown Rising

    Denise La Grassa, “Quit Your Whining”

    from Sundown Rising

    DLG - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 2:53:10 pm
  • Tennessee River Shakedown

    Michael Lawson, “Not Alone”

    from Tennessee River Shakedown

    Michael Lawson - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 2:56:22 pm
  • Heroes and Friends

    Daniel Grindstaff, “Looking at the World Through a Windshield (feat. Trey Hensley)”

    from Heroes and Friends

    Bonfire Recording Co. - 2024

  • Time: July 1 - 2:58:41 pm
  • Cliff Diver - Single

    Clayton Dye, “Cliff Diver”

    from Cliff Diver - Single

    Clayton Dye - 2024

    Lost Music Saloon    July 1st, 2024

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