Frequency presents:

Joanna O. taking over the Frequency show tonight with two hours of mixed drum & bass on vinyl (& two technic 1200’s & a Pioneer 900 Mixer).

RVA’s DNB Queen crushing the airwaves with selections from artists like Calibre, Zero T & Steo, DRS, Logistics, LSB, Random Movement, Hugh Hardie. Also featuring tracks on labels like Hospital Records, Integral Recordings, Signature, Flight Pattern, C.I.A. & More.

Keep it locked cause the party starts at 9PM! #BOOM 

    Frequency    January 2nd, 2021

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River City Limits presents:

    River City Limits    November 23rd, 2020

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DNB tonight on Frequency! feat DJ’s Seany Ranks + Joanna O. presents:

All the goods on Frequency tonight featuring … drum & bass from DC’s Seany Ranks (formerly known as dj illogic) & RVA’s Joanna O.

Kicking off the show with a Frequency throwback dnb mix from Seany Ranks, followed by a Live set at Flash DC from Joanna O. for DC’s DNB night Cadence.

Last Year we all celebrated with throwing down with  LTJ BUKEM & TRAC!  UGH Covid! BOH! Tracklist to follow. Thanks for listening!

    October 3rd, 2020

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Recovery Is (1st, 3rd, 5th) [Formerly Richmond Recovers] presents:

On today’s show we continue with Dr. Hendrée Jones’ presentation on Whole Person Treatment – Caring for Women Across the Lifespan. This presentation was recorded at the Reynolds-VCU Humphreys Fellows Annual Symposium. This year’s theme: International Perspectives on Women and Substance Abuse. Dr. Jones is a professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the School of Medicine, University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. She is also the executive director of UNC Horizons, a comprehensive drug treatment program for pregnant and parenting women and their drug-exposed children.

International Narcotics Control Board devoted Chapter 1 of their report in 2016 to women
• The report summarized that compared to men, women:
• Are highly stigmatized
• Experience more violence
• Are less likely to receive treatment for substance use disorders
• Lack access to gender-specific treatment
• Are being incarcerated at higher rates = devastating effects on children
• While gender itself may not predict treatment outcome, there are
gender-specific factors that influence treatment outcomes in women

On today’s show, we have included modules: Peer 2 Ear with Sammy Styles and a V Word module on addiction and substance with Carol Olson.

Twiter: @vwordradioshow     Facebook:



    Recovery Is (1st, 3rd, 5th) [Formerly Richmond Recovers]    September 21st, 2020

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The Morning Rush With Jagar presents:

“THE MORNING RUSH WITH JAGAR & WINKSAYS” Bringing you the best in Hip Hop,R&B and Gospel Music…… 9/13/2020  7am-9am

    The Morning Rush With Jagar    September 13th, 2020

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House Music Sessions presents:

    House Music Sessions    August 16th, 2020

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The British Breakfast presents:

ON 1/1/05, WRIR 97.3 LPFM Richmond, Virginia went on the air. With the hard work of a few very special volunteers, all was set up and ready to go for Jessica Reilly and I to broadcast, live, the first music show (The British Breakfast) in its’ snug time slot of  Saturday’s 9AM, 2PM GMT. All went well without a major hitch. This morning, you will here this live pre-recorded broadcast (with some minor hitches and strange noises) and an occasional interruption necessary for underwriting, promos, PSA’s etc.

I noticed a few things while putting this show together: Jess was professional sounding having been a DJ on a great Charlottesville Station. I was a nervous nellie. I stuck to a “radio” theme. Jess played very cool and some modern stuff. As I still do sometimes, I forgot to press a button or two. When recording, you can hear the social media noise “bink” throughout the show. I suppose this was also heard live.  And happily, you hear two music lovers sharing a special moment together and with our beloved Richmond and world community. Fortunately, Sean Reilly, now Jess’ husband, was able to record this show for posterity. This morning, it has been unearthed for the first time in 15 years and presented to you in anticipation of WRIR’s 15th anniversary party on 2/1/20. Thanks WRIR to all the present and past volunteers that continue to make this radio station a reality. Cheers, Gene

    The British Breakfast    January 4th, 2020

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The Morning Rush With Jagar presents:

THE MORNING RUSH WITH JAGAR “ ……Bringing you the best in Hip Hop,R&B and Gospel Music 7am-9am

    The Morning Rush With Jagar    October 27th, 2019

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Frequency presents:

Doug Smith

A special guest is in studio tonight.

Doug Smith from 95 North bringing the heat with house music all night long!!! (more…)

    Frequency    October 19th, 2019

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Tuesday Breakfast Blend presents:

Ahhh, yes. The first daffodils have made their way up through the dirt and into bloom. A warm breeze sifts through the city carried on the wings of birds back from their yearly travels. Their chatter breathes through your window as the early sun peeks in to say hello. There is nothing like the coming to life of Spring in Richmond. Soon enough the inch worms will be swinging from the youthful bloomed crepe myrtles, clinging to your cutoff band tee to say hello and excuse me please. Ahhh, Spring.

Spring into… um… SPRING, with tunes both local and abroad, here on the Tuesday Morning Breakfast Blend, on your local independent radio station WRIR!

    Tuesday Breakfast Blend    March 20th, 2018

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