Thank you to the following listeners who are so dedicated to supporting WRIR 97.3 FM that they committed to giving every month. For as little as $10 a month, you can join them. Your gift will auto-renew at the start of each fund drive. No need to call or go online with every fund drive. You will automatically receive WRIR swag to show off to your friends. You can donate online┬áright now or anytime. Your gift is automatically charged to your credit card on the 15th of every month. You can change the amount at any time. Email [email protected].

$60 or more given every month
Rose C.
Anna C.*
Cecilia H.*
Carol O.
Janet L.*
Richard S.*
Ben F.*
Bill L.
$59-$40 given every month
Enzo A.*
Julia B.
Laura C.
Hilary L.
Laura M.
Mark O.
$39-$20 given every month
Jason A.
Joshua B.*
Erin B.
James C.
Ennis C.*
Edward C.
Jacqueline C.
Robin D.
Mathieu F.
Baylen F.*
Mike G.*
Kyle H.
Rob H.
James H.*
Alex J.
Mariah J.
Jonathan L.
Karen L.
Kerry M.
Jack M.*
Tim M.
Alice O.
Nathaniel O.
Virginia P.
Cameron R.*
Jay S.*
Noah S.*
Anne S.
Patti S.
Maddie T.
Lora T.
Tom V.
Diana W.
Lee W.
$19-$10 given every month
Kate A.*
Nick A.
Krystina A.*
Shaheen A.
Judy A.
Ben B.
Andrew B.
Beverly B.
Karen B.
Lisa Ann B.
Tim B.
Annie B.
Jeffrey B.
Amanda C.*
Emmett C.
Mike C.
Christopher C.
Allison D.
Andrew D.
Cullen D.
Abby D.
Christine D.
Chris D.
Andrew F.
Kevin F.
Lyndon G.
Nathan G.
Rhys G.
Sandi G.
Jennifer G.
Amy H.
Andrew H.
Cecilia H.*
Glyn H.
Kate H.
Russell H.
Stacey H.
Tim H.
Jennifer H.
Jean H.
Amanda H.
Paul I.*
Anthony J.*
Dennis J.*
John J.
Autumn K.
Paul K.
Matt L.
Matthew L.
Charles L.
Erik L.
Michael L.
Nathan L.
Sean L.*
Matthew L.
Lisa L.
Jack M.*
Ben M.
Christa M.*
Coldon M.
Kayla M.
Matt M.
Stephen M.
Mac M.
Thomas M.
Elizabeth M.
Michael M.*
James M.
Lynn M.
John N.
Kathy O.
Jesse H.
Jesse O.*
Christy O.
Lauren P.
MPark P.
Charles R.
Dustin R.
Matthew R.
Hannah R.
Charles R.
Julia R.
James R.
John S.
Walton S.
Barbara S.
Jennifer S.
Laura S.
Mitchell S.
Walton S.
Zach S.
Mim S.
Robert S.
Stephanie S.
Nicki S.
Gray S.
Christian T.
Haywood T.
Melissa V.*
Trish V.
Morgan W.
Carrie W.
Brad Y.
Melvin Y.
Bradley Y.
Less than $10 given every month
Charles A.
Janine B.
Elizabeth M.
Philip S.
Claire Z.
Cameron G.
Ellen T.
Ana E.


*WRIR Volunteer

Updated April 2020