August 16th, 2017

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Stunted Development is the best free-form radio show on the planet.

One of WRIR’s charter music programs, Stunted Development airs whacked-out sounds from all genres with an emphasis on ironic, absurd, esoteric and obscure recordings. Each week, host Bill Farrar and his virtual assistant, Al G. Rhythm, scour the vast Stunted Development archives for the finest in strange sounds and occasional quality tunes. Enjoy a smattering of outsider artists, celebrity miscues, children’s records, spoken word, instructional LPs, pop culture, religious recordings, lounge and exotica, song-poems, and more!

Enhance your experience by:

– Joining the Stunted Development Facebook page. You’ll receive one reminder message each week that will give you a heads-up about the upcoming show’s content. Also enjoy frequently posted ridiculous music, videos, and articles, and submit your own.

– Sending your obscure, ironic, and esoteric requests to [email protected].

Thanks so much for listening.

    March 28th, 2016

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Saturdays from 11-1pm, Paul G. and Paul Ivey alternate to bring you the best, the weirdest, the rockin-est sounds around! Tune in to hear free-form radio at it’s very best.

PAUL’S BOUTIQUE: Searching for something to fit your ears just right? Tune in to Paul’s Boutique alternating Saturdays to hear rock, indie rock, dance, punk, post-punk, pop, metal, Brazilian grooves, classic country & western, blues, jazz, kraut rock, afro-funk, French stuff, rockabilly, soul and rhythm & blues, funk, reggae, dub, experimental, garage, psychedelic, hip-hop, folk and more handpicked by me. Woo haw, you’re all in check!

    October 12th, 2015

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Take a trip to Mercury Falls Wednesday nights from 9-11. Join Melissa every week to hear innovative music spanning over the past 70 years in an exploration of Avant Garde, Contemporary Classical, Cinematic, Ethereal, Experimental, Modern Psychedelic, No Wave, Soundscapes, Spacescapes…and some things that defy being classified.

You will always hear something you’ve never heard before.

    October 12th, 2015

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The Breakfast Snob originally aired on Sunday mornings and is now airing every Thursday evening. The show features tracks by new and “under-known” artists of many genres and localities, highlighted with cuts by older, established- but often obscure- bands that helped influence today’s artists, and punctuated by brief, intense flashes of loud guitar- simply because I love loud guitar.

The show’s title is a reference to my old friend and mentor, Michael Hawkesworth (the original Breakfast Snob) who introduced me to a world of new music in the 1980’s…a tradition that I endeavor to continue today. As one of my favorite artists said:

“I used to think that music was a universal language, but I’m not so sure anymore it is any sort of language; not as we think of language anyway. It’s more like telepathy. It’s knowing, and the sense that you have known forever, and will know always, for those who can receive the transmission. It touches mind, body, and spirit, all at once, and moves them into harmony, or dissonance, or both, depending on how you define these things, and depending always on the intent of the artist, and the intent of the listener, not only at the moment of creation or the moment of listening, but from the infinite past to the infinite future, stretched between the points which are both closest together and farthest apart, a circular continuity of sorts.” -Cary Grace

    October 12th, 2015

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DJ Freyja starts your week off with WAR: Women Art Revolution..bringing you women making music from all genres and all countries. Tune in on Mondays 6am – 8am. Follow her on twitter at @CarolOlson





    October 8th, 2015

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