For the Wild, hosted by Ayana Young:  Thursdays at 10:00am


For The Wild is an anthology of the Anthropocene; focused on land based protection, co-liberation and intersectional storytelling rooted in a paradigm shift from human supremacy towards deep ecology.

+ Reconnect

Since the dawn of Empire, humanity has been increasingly severed from the natural world and coerced into economic serfdom. Our disconnection from nature has resulted in a mass psychosis that blurs our suicidal and ecocidal path. We are at the cusp of a great movement toward reintegration in nature, on a personal level, on a community level, on a global level. There is much to be done and even more to be undone, but we are not alone. From the ecological design of permaculture to the insights of indigenous elders, many of the answers we are seeking are eager to be heard. Reconnection is not a quaint ideal. It is the bedrock on which to rebuild our home and restore our biosphere.

+ Renew

Since the dawn of Empire, humanity has been increasingly severed from the natural world and coerced into economic serfdom. Our disconnection from nature has resulted in a mass psychosis that blurs our suicidal and ecocidal path. We are at the cusp of a great movement toward reintegration in nature, on a personal level, on a community level, on a global level. There is much to be done and even more to be undone, but we are not alone. From the ecological design of permaculture to the insights of indigenous elders, many of the answers we are seeking are eager to be heard. Reconnection is not a quaint ideal. It is the bedrock on which to rebuild our home and restore our biosphere.

+ Resist

Our economic system is based on converting the living world into dead commodities and waste, while our political system is designed to safeguard this system. No amount of “reform” will ever reach the root causes of our crises. Some people will turn their backs on Empire and create a parallel reality, while others will fight to halt the destruction. Whereas traditional protest is predicted and absorbed by the power structure, direct action seeks to interfere in a tangible way with the forces of destruction. There have been some victories: the last of ancient forests would have been logged if not for tree-sitters, and whales would have been slaughtered if not for Sea Shepherd activists. Solid resistance must be expected yet unpredictable, and together we discuss how to proceed as Earth defenders.

+ Revere

It is clear where reductionist logic has brought us: a streamlined, hyper-efficient and ugly world. As science moves into a new paradigm of interconnectedness and epigenetics, this logic is becoming obsolete. We stand before a vast opportunity to reimagine our relation to the whole, and to redefine happiness and progress. As author and restoration ecologist Stephanie Mills suggests “cleaving to beauty can be great sustenance.” How can we regain our sensitivity to unseen realities, revive childhood wonder amid deep responsibility, and propel each other in Earth activism? These are among the many themes we explore on For The Wild Podcast.

    July 17th, 2018

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RVA Dirt’s Municipal Mania, co-hosted by Francesca Leigh-Davis and Melissa Vaughn (producer): Wednesdays at 11:00 AM

RVA Dirt’s Municipal Mania is a weekly one hour government and politics show that educates locals about Richmond’s municipal government and pressing issues facing our community through a combination of interviews, commentary, and round table discussions.

The success of democracy relies on an educated and engaged populous. This show breaks down complicated content in a fun and humorous way to get more people involved in the issues that impact their daily lives. Our core focus is on the Mayor’s office, Richmond City Council, Richmond School Board, candidate forums, issue forums, and district meetings or events, and community-oriented discussions. No topic is too tough or off limits!

    March 11th, 2018

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How did you get here? How did you unlock this secret area? This oasis of rhythm and melody in the midst of a level you’ve replayed too many times to count? Are you the partiest of animals, perpetually lit until the last call of every school night? Are you the artist too impassioned by love of the craft to sleep? Or the rarified being who sifts through endless hours of radio waves for hidden treasure with a fine toothed comb? Are you totally inexplicable, and here solely by random chance and happenstance? Are you normal but destined for the supernatural? No matter how you found us, you did it. You’re here! And this moment is special. Let it enjoy you as you enjoy it. Type in this cheat code and bask in 8 bit wonder as a chest appears, wedged deep in the corner of your own personal life’s underworld. Let the yellow light within spill out over you as you reach in a trembling paw to retrieve these unimaginable treats.

Noah Page, hosts these utterly improbable broadcasts. A rotating cast of MCs come through every week to freestyle or let glimmer the written verses they’ve polished up privately, meticulously in their hidden lairs. The unfathomable wild beasts of our own beautiful city, from right around that next corner, orange in the streetlights, lumbering toward you, unstoppable as a your high school crush. And PLUS interviews the likes of which you won’t find scrolling past your life on that phone. And all in the name of Secret Bonus Level’s mission to introduce rap to new audiences while championing inclusion and respect for peoples of all genders, races, sexual orientations, religions, heights, weights, and astrological signs (even though astrology is totally made up and fake SORRY NOT SORRY). Grade AA eggs. Beats and refrains to not just soothe, but upgrade your stats. You’ve leveled up.

It’s impossible to say how you found yourself in this unlikely place at this unlikely time, but where else would you find a secret show like this? And now it’s yours. We’re all so happy to give it to you. These are your friends. Play through Noah Page’s brief tutorial and suddenly you’re Player 1, the unlockable character that no one even knew was programmed into this game of your life. Music is your MP. This single potion fills your meter fully.

    July 17th, 2017

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Groundswell, hosted by Sunny Gardener: 2nd and 4th Thursday at 11:00 AM

Groundswell is an informative, interactive hour-long show, broadcast every other week.   It is occasionally be recorded in front of a live audience who may participate. Our mission is to present a range of solutions to complex matters by shining beams from different angles, thereby illuminating the whole.

Groundswell features conversations among cognoscenti from various fields that intersect around an issue such as water rights, renewable energy sources, education inequity, land use, or human rights. Guests focus on solutions stemming from the unique perspective that comes from their fields of knowledge or expertise. For example, a table around human rights might include panelists versed in women’s issues, LGBTQIA,  immigration law, family law and prison reform. I include voices from all sides, and seek a balance of proponents and opponents of the matter at hand; e.g. inviting a Dominion insider to discuss energy sources alongside a solar advocate.


They Came From Outer Space, hosted by Cameron Kit: 1st and 3rd Thursday at 11:00 AM

They Came From Outer Space is a sci-fi movie review show where local RVA film-makers and buffs discuss classic science-fiction movies, their own film experience and how it relates to today’s world. Listen to all the episodes on Mixcloud.

    July 13th, 2017

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This Way Out, hosted by Greg Gordon: Wednesday at 9:30 AM

“This Way Out” is the award-winning internationally distributed weekly LGBT radio program, currently airing on over 200 local community radio stations around the world. The half-hour “magazine”-style program is produced in Los Angeles and distributed to stations via two free-access Web sites, and, as well as through Pacifica Radio’s Audioport and KU satellite, and via satellite in Australia on the Community Radio Network. The show is additionally postal-mailed on CD to stations that have no online access, and to individual subscribers. You can also hear “This Way Out” via direct satellite to home and cable outlets across Europe, and in Europe, the Middle East/Africa and Asia/Pacific on the London-based World Radio Network, or “tune in” via our free podcasts.

Despite the limitations of a “tattered shoestring budget”, “This Way Out” programming has been honored with multiple awards from the U.S. National Federation Of Community Broadcasters and the Radio and Television News Association, by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), Parents, Families and Friends Of Lesbians and Gays (P-FLAG), the Los Angeles chapter of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA), and internationally by Tupilak (the organization of lesbian and gay cultural workers in the Nordic area).

We’ve been on the air since April 1988! Summaries of recent programs are available, and if you like what you see, you can order a CD copy of any past show. You can also subscribe to get CDs of all our future shows as they’re produced, and for less than the cost of an average newspaper subscription (to cover our duplication and mailing expenses).

“This Way Out” leads off each week with “NewsWrap”, a summary of some of the major news events in or affecting sexual minority communities, compiled from a variety of media outlets around the world. If you see a local news story that you think deserves coverage, please copy/paste the text into the body of an email message, including the name of the media source and the date, and send it to us! Thanks!

In addition to NewsWrap, each edition of the program consists of several other segments, which can include interviews with authors & performers, news feature stories, humor, poetry, readings from gay/lesbian literature, and more!

“This Way Out” is also punctuated with a wide variety of music, especially self-produced recordings by openly lesbian/gay performers (which rarely receive commercial radio airplay).

“The Rainbow Minute,” produced by Judd Proctor and Brian Burns at WRIR, is a recurring featured segment on “This Way Out.”

    May 1st, 2016

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Open Source RVA, hosted by Don Harrison: Friday at 12:00 noon

WRIR’s weekly audio news digest brings together newsmakers, political figures and community leaders to talk in depth about local issues, current affairs and upcoming events. Award-winning journalist Don Harrison hosts Open Source RVA every Friday from 12 noon to 1 PM .

    December 3rd, 2015

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Death Club Radio, hosted by Alane Cameron Miles: Thursday at 12:30 PM

Death. Everybody’s doing it – and those of us who haven’t yet jumped on this age-old trend eventually will. While death is as much a part of life as being born, our understanding of death, dying and how we do it is limited by social stigmas, culture, customs and fear. Death Club Radio explores the ins, outs, ups and downs of death and dying, demystifying this universal human experience.

Facebook Page

    November 8th, 2015

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A Grain of Sand, hosted by Charles McGuigan: Tuesday at 12:30 PM

My show’s title comes from the William Blake line about how you can see the entire world in a grain of sand. I believe that. Always have. There’s something consubstantial about all things, human and otherwise. Some spark of the Other within all. And I know that ordinary sounds and vernacular speech hold the very truths of existence, you’ve just gotta be patient and plough through dung hills for those rare gems.

All stories of merit—not simple anecdotes—contain hints of the universal. And I’ll go anywhere for a story and listen to anyone, and I do believe these stories exist everywhere and with everyone. I’ve heard it said that not everyone has a story. I just don’t believe that.  Sometimes it’s hard to extract that story. Sometimes the teller has a hard time framing their own story. But the story’s there nonetheless. Even those who have lived the most solitary of existences.

There’s a great short story by Turgenev out of A Sportsman’s Notebook. I think it’s called The Relic. And here’s the gist of it: the narrator visiting a large estate in Russia where he will hunt and fish discovers an old, infirmed woman, who is of no longer useful in the household of the landowner and so she lives a solitary life in the barn. Other serfs bring her food and tend to her needs and so on. This woman can’t even walk. But when the narrator presupposes that this woman’s life is without joy or validity, she takes him to task. Each morning in spring and summer she feels the sun warm her face, in the winter the cold gnaw her feet. There are the birds and rodents and life awakening in the fecund soil and life withering back into it come fall. And that, in and of itself, is the story.

And for me it’s always the story. Most precisely the short story. It has a structure and finiteness that permits me the luxury of making it just so. I write short stories and employ many of the devices of that art to the creation of these grains of sand. Every day I learn more about these inventions and adapt that knowledge to the craft.

So A Grain of Sand, through the words of others and my own, along with ambient sound and original music by Charles Arthur, hopes to tell these stories in ways that reveal, illuminate and entertain. I thank everyone who listens.

    November 8th, 2015

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Race Capitol, hosted by Chelsea Higgs Wise and Produced by Cat Modlin-Jackson, Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m.

Race Capitol is a bi-weekly show hosted by Chelsea Higgs Wise and produced by Cat Modlin-Jackson. The two millennials invite guests with a diverse range of expertise to chat on the region’s history and also commentate on the current shenanigans. Race Capitol is here to interrogate the place, space and time, all in the former capital of the Confederacy.

    November 8th, 2015

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Growing Greener is a weekly program about gardening in partnership with Nature, featuring conversations with leading experts in the field. Producer and Host: Tom Christopher 

    November 8th, 2015

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