Alicia is the left brain, right brain of WRIR. On Tuesdays, you hear her voice as a weekday board op, queuing up the schedule of news talk programs. On Friday nights, 11p-1a, she is Suzie Stardust hosting the show Mood Indigo. She is one of a handful of volunteers who produce both talk and music programs for you.

“WRIR is an important and cherished part of my life over the past year and a half.  After graduating from VCU, I was on the hunt for things to help me figure out what it was I wanted to do with my life. Thankfully, WRIR plopped onto my radar after a friend subbed for Songs from the Big Hair.  He told me how easy it was to get involved. Soon after I became a member of the WRIR family. I am a board every Tuesday morning from 8 to 10 am. Last February, I was lucky enough to get a bi-weekly time slot for my own music show, Mood Indigo on Fridays. Mood Indigo focuses on the gloomier side of the emotional spectrum. I play blue tunes and sad croons of different genres, periods and themes to help listeners get through a tough week or just let out some tears.  I can’t thank WRIR enough for giving me all the learning opportunities it has along with all the friends I have made through the organization.”

See Alicia’s playlist for Mood Indigo. It definitely strikes a mood for your weekend.