The Church of the Ecstatic

10/19 – spooky stuff part 3

Sister Euphonia

Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Big Boo's Haunt Super Mario 64
Gorillaz M1 A1 Gorillaz
Babe Ruth The Mexican
Slayer Played in an Inappropriate Way: Dead Skin Mask
-- PT music (bed music
Burn Down Hot Topic
Linea Aspera Fer-de-Lance
Portishead SOS
--SH2 Music
Roky Erickson Night of the Vampire
--- Hungry House Blues Hausu ost
Everything, Now! I Live In A Trailer Park
Daniel Johnston Devil Town
--- Happy Happy is Blue
Vegan Black Metal Chef Buffalo Seitan Bites
Tribulation Suspiria de Profundis
Dorthia Cottrell Oak Grove
Daniel Johnston Despair Came Knocking
Gorillaz All Alone Demon Days
Love Theme Hausu ost
-- more SH2 music
I want love SH3 soundtrack
Darkthrone Graveyard Slut
Richard Cheese Get Down with the Sickness

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