I was just a kid back in ’80 when Reagan was elected, but the feel from the country seems very similar. With no internet to express frustration and discontent, there was a huge creative outporing of music, especially from the so-cal punk scene that knew Reagan from his time as Cali Governor. Hope you enjoy. Hit me up on twitter @SandDwrir or call the studio, 804.649.9737, if there is something you’d like to hear.


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
the dead milkmen punk rock girl
the dead kennedys we've got a bigger problem now
reagan youth reagan youth
wasted youth reagan's in
DI reagan der fuhrer
mdc bye bye ronnie
descendents good good things
suicidal tendencies i shot the devil
jfa jodie foster's army
the crucifucks hinkley had a vision
dayglo abortions ronald mcraygun
youth brigade moral majority
lennonburger reagum
dri reaganomics
proletariat voodoo economics
minutemen fascist
fugazi smallpox champion
violent femmes old mother reagan
toxic reasons destroyer
special forces gung ho
corrosion of conformity intervention
attitude adjustment bombs
chronic sick reagan bands
japandroids the boys are leaving town
fallout reagan hysteria
rattus reaganin joululahja
jello biafra and the guantanamo school of medicine panicland thanks to trump
grandmaster flash the message
rejestracja bezprawie
college humor you're a mean one, mr trump
the past reagan
velikije luki mr reagan
the clash know your rights
nofx reagan sucks
tma i'm in love with nancy reagan
gorilla biscuits new direction
ramones glad to see you go
minor threat betray
coffin break kill the president
clorox girls walks the streets
minutemen history lesson part II
circle jerks coup d'etat
cake short skirt long jacket
crumbsuckers super tuesday

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