The Breakfast Snob



Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Grand Astoria Hungry and Foolish Omnipresence Bandcamp 2011
UFO Give Her The Gun Single 1974
Man Ain't Their Fight Back Into the Future UA 1973
King Crimson Fracture USA EG
Sendelica Satori (pt1) Cromlech Chronicles Fruits de Mer 2016
Yes Long Distance Runaround Fragile
The Luck of Eden Hall Channel 5 Creature Feature The Acceleration of Time Headspin 2016
Madmoiselle Marquis Salvia Strange Fish 2 Fruits de Mer
Faust the Spirit of So Far
Cream People Will of the Cusp Strange Fish 2 Fruits de Mer
Vespero The Emperor’s Second Self Lique Mekwas RAIG/Bandcamp 2016
Cheer-Accident Big Secret Airshow Babies Shouldn't Smoke
Grateful Dead Terrapin Pt 1 Terrapin Station
Gentle Giant Nothing at All Gentle Giant
Kraftwerk The Man-Machine The Man-Machine
Vox Humana Shortwave Radio and the Ionosphere Strange Fish 2 Fruits de Mer

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