Altered Circuitry



Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Acid Washed General Motors, Detroit, America Acid Washed
Steve Aoki Paradise Poultergeist (LA Riots Remix)
Danny Baronowsky Chapter 1: The Forest Super Meat Boy! OST
Pælíng (Muse) Plat Compulsion
Cowboys Portishead Portishead
It Is Always Now Wagon Christ Musipal
Transistor Scissor Sisters Ta-Dah
Exquisite Landscapes Psilogod Exquisite Landscapes
The Friendly Faith Plate Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory Portal 2 OST
Total Sebastian Total
Trademark Ribbons of Gold VHS Head Trademark Ribbons of Gold
Gienasi VHS Head Trademark Ribbons of Gold
The Murder Cycles VHS Head Trademark Ribbons of Gold
Purification Daniel Deluxe
Final Voyage Neon Nox
Space Party Time Travel
You and Me and Rainbows The Tear Garden Tired Eyes Slowly Burning
Krakatoa Download FiXeR
Ambient Fruit (Chapter 2) cEvin Key
Star Shpongled Banner Shpongle Tales of the Inexpressible

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