My War


Songs from my slightly wasted youth.  I’ll listen to anything, but these songs are what still gets my blood pumping.  Love it, hate it? Let me me know:

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Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Black Flag My War My War SST 1984
Gorilla Biscuits Start Today Start Today Revelation records 1989
JFA Baja Valley of the Yakes Placebo records 1983
Dead Kennedys kill the poor Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables Cherry Red Records 1980
Descendents Silly Girl I Don't Want to Grow Up New Alliance 1985
Agent Orange Bite the Hand That Feeds Pt 2 This is the voice Enigma Records 1986
Circle Jerks Coup D'Etat Golden Shower of Hits Far Out Productions 1983
Suicidal Tendencies Institutionalized Suicidal Tendencies Frontier Records 1983
Fugazi Waiting Room 13 Songs Dischord 1989
Minor Threat Steppin Stone In My Eyes Dischord 1981
The Clash Rudie Can't Fail London Calling CBs Records 1980
Minutemen This aint no picnic Double Nickles on the Dime SST 1984
Bad Religion Land of Competition Suffer Epitaph 1988
Misfits Hatebreeders Walk Among Us Ruby/ Slash 1982
Agnostic Front Growing Concern Cause For Alarm Relativity Records 1986
Stiff Little Fingers Gotta Getaway Nobody's Heroes Chrysalis 1980
The Germs Manimal GI Slash 1979
Dead Boys Sonic Reducer Young Loud and Snotty Sire Records 1977
Sonic Youth Teenage Riot Daydream Nation Enigma/ Blast First 1988
T.S.O.L 80 Times Dance with Me Concord 1981
The Specials Sock it to 'em JB More Specials 2 Tone Records 1980
The Jim Carrol Band People Who Died Catholic Boy Atco Records 1980
Fear More Beer More Beer FEAR Record Company 1985
7 seconds 99 Red Balloons Walk Together, Rock Together BYO Records 1985
Squirrel Bait Sun God Skag Heaven Homestead Records 1987
Dagnasty Values Here Can I Say Dischord Records 1986
GBH Sick Boy City Baby Attacked by Rats Clay Records 1982
The Dead Milkmen Punk Rock Girl Beezlebubba Fever Records 1988
Buzzcocks What Do I Get Live at the Roxy Club Absolutely Free 1989
black flag rise above damaged SST Records 1981
the stooges i wanna be your dog
minor threat screaming at a wall
fugazi bad mouth
minutemen corona
the clash know your rights

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