Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Kill Memory Crash Hit + Run Of Fire
Bot'Ox Bearded Lady Motorcycle Show Babylon By Car
Justice Canon Audio, Video, Disco
Kavinsky Rampage OutRun
Ari (Disco of Doom Remix) Bart B More & Rubix
Cluster Buster Shop Til You Drop, Dead! Maniac 1980
Airliner None She Is Airliner LP
Apostrophe S Smoke Expanding Pylon
Tobacco Six Royal Vipers Maniac Meat
Dan Terminus Rust Titans The Darkest Benthic Division
Skinny Puppy Dal Mythmaker
Kill Memory Crash The O American Automatic
Monolake Phenomenon Ghosts
Autechre Doctrine Incunabula
Boards of Canada An Eagle In Your Mind Music Has The Right To Children
Bird of Prey Sonic Bloom Dreamcatcher EP
Tear Garden You And Me And Rainbows Tired Eyes Slowly Burning
DJ Shadow Ashes To Oceans The Mountain Will Fall
Apollo 440 Heart Go Boom Gettin' High On Your Own Supply
Cut Chemist Metrorail Thru Space The Audience's Listening
Air Alpha Beta Gaga Talkie Walkie
Boards of Canada Julie And Candy Geogaddi
VHS Head The Stuff Trademark Ribbons of Gold

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