Activate! – June 30th-July 7th


July 1st – Gallery 5 – Good Day RVA Exhibit
Houdan The Mystic, We Never, Hill Walkers and Walking Distance

July 1st – Strange Matter
Ruckzuck, Glass Twin, Hyetension and Debrider

July 2nd – Strange Matter
Imaginary Sons, Josie McQueen, Suneater and Turbo Mansion

July 5th – En Su Boca
Platinum Boys, The Milkstains and Black Naked Wings

July 4th – Hardywood
Full Moon Fever, Riki Shay, Andrew Leaheay & The Homestead, Kings and Mikrowaves

July 2nd – Hardywood
OAF, Hoboknife, Prisoner and Memory Loss

July 2nd – The National
The Jolts, Tom and the Foolery, The Hoodoos, Sleave

July 7th – The Broadberry
Big Mama Shakes, Manatree, Basement Club, Bencoolen

July 3rd – The Camel
Jackass Flats

July 6th – Strange Matter
Nothing, Culture Abuse and Keep

July 1st – Balliceaux
Animal Presents Shirlette Ammons, Dazaeses and Deep Velvet

July 5th – Strange Matter
Action Beat, G.W. Sok, Opening Bell and Conflation

July 2nd – Gallery 5
The Wayward, Radiation Blackbody, Druglord and Petrichor

July 3rd – Strange Matter
Bad Canoes, The Catholic Church, Kuni and Polyon

July 2nd – The Broadberry
Bio Ritmo

July 4th – Strange Matter
Funebrarum, Putrisect, Scorched, Left Cross, Voarm

July 1st – 25 Watt
Satanarchist, Hard Charger and Tond

July 1st – Vagabond
NO BS Brass Band

Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Houdan The Mystic Sleeping Or Worse Archer's Jamboree DIY 2013
We Never 7HiCool 7HiCool DIY 2015
Debrider Quarters Blind and Bloodshot DIY 2015
Glass Twin Anthem N/A DIY 2016
Imaginary Sons Sloburd Don't Impress Me Bossy Lil' Thing 2016
Platinum Boys Downtown Junior Varsity Forged Artifacts 2015
The Milkstains Sonic Kick Broken Bones SOME 2014
Mikrowaves Edward Prendergast Get Nuked DIY 2015
Kings Singlemanhours Kings Jellowstone 2015
OAF Submit E.C. 2016
Hoboknife Maximum Hell Vagrants DIY 2015
The Jolts Mongoose V. Cobra No Paradoxes 2016
Manatree Animal Quietlies Manatree Egghunt Records 2015
Big Mama Shakes Hold Me Bkac As She Does DIY 2015
Jackass Flats Quit Trying To Save Me Purgatory Mountain 2007
Nothing Vertigo Flowers Tired of Tomorrow Relapse 2016
Dazaeses Baby Lame Parties EP DIY 2015
Action Beat + G.W. Sok Dig The Hole A Remarkable Machine Ernest Jenning Record 2014
The Wayward Lattice Plutonic Nerve Altar 2016
Bad Canoes Moon Day Bad Canoes DIY 2015
Bio Ritmo Lola's Dilemma La Verdad Electric Cowbell 2011
Funebrarum Grave Reaper Sleep of Morbid Dreams 2009
Satanarchist Steal This Bible Resigned To Fate 2015

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