Altered Circuitry

Altered Circuitry 8/03/16


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Sub Focus Let The Story Begin Sub Focus
The Prodigy Take Me To The Hospital Invaders Must Die!
Bop 8-Bit Cosmos The Amazing Adventures Of One Curious Pixel
The Ananda Shankhar Experience Tori Walking On
The Chemical Brothers Born In The Echoes Born In The Echoes
Skinny Puppy Village HanDover
Mr. Oizo Dry Run The Church
FC Kahuna Midset to Cycle Music Says Yes
Mr. Oizo Mass Doom The Church
Perturbator Future Club Dangerous Days
Skinny Puppy plasiCage Weapon
Sebastian Kindercut Total
Justice Ohio Audio, Video, Disco
Atom TM Riding The Void HD
Four Tet Pyramid Pink
George Issakidis Cherry Red (It's A Fine Line Remix) Cherry Red
Holy Fuck Tom Tom Congrats
Haujobb Lets Drop Bombs (Dupont Remix) New World
Darwin Chamber Footprints The Ghetto Electro Chronicles
I Monster The Best A Dense Swarm Of Ancient Stars
VHS Head Franco Zoom to Nowhere Trademark Ribbons of Gold
Holy Fuck House of Glass Congrats
The Avalanches Frontier Psychiatrist Since I Left You

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