Friday Clock Out


Phil D

Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Shakuhachi swavay spacestreaking over mount shasta
Be/Non microsurgical vasectomy reversal 7
White HIlls song of everything frying on this rock
Mekons / Kathy Acker we're just outside of london / Ostracism's song to pussycat Pussy, King of the Pirates
Foster Body content moving display
Made for TV So Afraid of the Russians 7
Twinkranes Plateau 7
Dawson finite Toffees 7Infamous Toughies, IN
Horse Lords Toward Omega Point Interventions
Sibling Rivalry See my way 7
Spoon If you say so 7
Streetwalking Cheetahs Why you gotta COme first waiting for the death of my generation
Flys Night Creatures 7
Porch expectorant porch
Hibachi Stranglers Parking Lot 7
Paper Tulips sugar lift 7
The Telepathys game is over game over
Blue Hearts scrap young and pretty
Tsushimamire chicken sandwich sex on the beach
Steel Pole Bath Tub Myrna Loy Tulip
Silver Apples Oscillations Silver Apples
Richard Pinhas & JOhn Livengood Nuke Cyborg Sally
Candy Machine Instamatic 7
Sunday Painters lets be modern in my dreams
The Fall Quit Iphone sub-lingual tablet
Alice DOnut Old DOminion ten glorious animals
DEvndra Banhart taurabolium mala
The Kills Future starts slow blood pressure

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