HAPPY HOUSE – you should see her use a gun


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Siouxsie and the Banshees Happy House Kaliedoscope Polydor 1980
Gang of Four Love Like Anthrax Entertainment! EMI 1979
The Faint Young & Realistic single 2016
Honus Honus Traces single 2016
Nomeansno Self Pity Sex Mad Psyche Industry 1986
Kelly8 Superstud The Emo Diaries Chapter Eight: My Very Last Breath Deep Elm 2002
Priests Powertrip Bodies And Control And Money And Power Sister Polygon 2014
Wet Brain Iron Cage Too Much Fun self-released 2013
Scratch Acid She Said The Greatest Gift Touch and Go 1991
The Jesus Lizard Gladiator Liar Touch And Go 1992
Head Wound City I Cast A Shadow For You A New Wave Of Violence Vice 2016
Druglord Regret to Dismember Deepest Regrets STB 2015
Weekend Nachos All Apology Cosmic Note 2016
Bleed the Pigs The Obsolete Man is a Rich Man Mind And Matter self-released 2015
Pig Destroyer Delusional Supremacy 2k Painter Of Dead Girls (Deluxe Edition, rereleased) 2016
Nails Savage Intolerance single 2016
Daughters The First Supper Daughters Hydra Head 2010
Job for a Cowboy Sun of Nihility Sun Eater Metal Blade 2014
Risala Ishtar Gate 2016
Cough Shadow of the Torturer Still They Pray Relapse 2016
Inter Arma Transfiguration Paradise Gallows Relapse 2016
Between the Buried and Me Ants of the Sky Colors Victory 2007
Gaza This We Celebrate No Absolutes In Human Suffering Black Market 2012

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