If Music Could Talk

If Music Could Talk – 11/27/2016


The Deuce Coupes – Deuce Coupes
The United States of America – Garden of Earthly Delight – The Columbia Sound
Music of Vietnam 1.1 – Celestial Harmonies – Leu Kim Thu – Huong Sen Dong Thap – The Scent of the Dong Thap Lotus
Moby Grape – Omaha – The Columbia Sound
Leonard Cohen – So Long Marianne – The Columbia Sound
Chambers Brothers – Going Uptown – The Columbia Sound
Paul Revere and the Riders – Kicks – The Columbia Sound
Dungen – Jakten genom Skogen – from forthcoming album Häxan
Sharon Jones – Slow Down Love – Miss Sharon Jones
A Tribe Called Quest – Wall of Sound
Satyajit Ray – Theme From Aparhito the Unvanquished
David Bowie – Cat People
Jerry Goldsmith – Logan’s Run – Soundtrack Music
It’s Time To Pray America – Pat Robertson / Johnny Cash
Abba – I have a dream
Black Mirror – I have a dream
Jessica Brown-Findlay (Abi) – Anyone who knows what love is
Irma Thomas – Anyone who knows what Love Is
Cary Grace – Bellerphon
The Kinks – Animal Farm
Wilco – Cry All Night
Lazy Day – Disappear
Sarah Jarosz – Rearrange the Art
Pink Floyd – Green is the Color / The Narrow Way – BBC Radio Sessions 1968/1969
The Doors – Not To Touch the Earth – Waiting for the Sun
Xenia Rubinos – How Strange It Is
Elza Soares – Luz Vermelha – Woman at the end of the world
IAMX – Everybody is Dead in This House
King Diamond – Twilight Symphony