Sunrise Ocean Bender / Altered Circuitry: ReWired

Inside Of Me I See The Outside Of You

rev. dr. atavist

Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Outsiders Inside of Me V/A: Who Will Buy These Wonderful Evils vol 1 Virgin 1968
Dogfeet Mr. Sunshine The Perfumed Garden, Vol 5 Past & Present Records 2003
Eyes You're Too Much The Perfumed Garden, Vol 1 Past & Present Records 2003
Complex Self Declaration The Perfumed Garden, Vol 5 Past & Present Records 2003
Vibravoid In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida Fruits de Mer 2016
Baby Woodrose Open Doors Freedom Bad Afro 2016
Melody Fields Every Morning Melody Fields Melody Fields 2016
The Bevis Frond Back in the Churchyard Paper Leaves Terrascope Audio Entertainments 2016
Luzon Valley Fearless Setting Sun Luzon Vally Fearless Anklebreka Records 2016
Heron Oblivion Sudden Lament Heron Oblivion Sub Pop 2016
biG GRunt Blind Date In Session Mega Dodo 2016
Roger Ruskin Spear Blue Baboon (Or “I Know a Rhino”) Electric Shocks Esoteric Recordings 1972
Michael Moorcock Candy Floss Cowboy/Fair Dealer The New Worlds Fair Esoteric Recordings 1975
Kevin Ayers The Clarietta Rag Joy of Toy EMI 1969
Zx+ Jugland Blues A Momentary Lapse of Vinyl Fruits de Mer Records 2014
Mordecai Smyth Kooks Fashion: Songs Written By David Bowie Fruits de Mer Records 2016
Sons of the Void Hope I Don't Miss Sons of the Void Sunrise Ocean Bender 2016
Anton Barbeau Swindon Magic Act Idiot Records 2016
Velvet Crush Elevator Operator A Single Odyssey Action Musik Recordings 2001
Sidewalk Society Strange Roads Bowie/Action Fruits de Mer Records 2016
Moonwalks A Little Touch of Gravity In Light (The Scales In The Frame) Moonwalks 2016
Third Whale In Dreams Third Whale Third Whale 2016
The Orange Revival Speed Futurecent Fuzz Club Records 2015
The Cult of Dom Keller Exterminating Angels Goodbye to the Light Fuzz Club Records 2016

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