Jealous Again


Filling in for Morgan; hope you feel better soon!

Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Black Flag Jealous Again
Descendents Good Good Things
Fugazi Waiting Room
Al Green Lets Stay Together
The Stooges I wanna be your dog
The Killers Romeo and Juliet
The Cars Just what I needed
The Smiths Asleep
Minor Threat in my eyes
Green Day Chump
Germs Manimal
Suicidal Tendencies Subliminal
The Clash Know your Rights
The Jam All Around the World
Agent Orange Wouldnt last a day withou you
Operation Ivy Take Warning
The Dead Kennedys Holiday in Cambodia
Gangstarr Tons of guns
Black Flag depression
Dead Boys Sonic Reducer
Talking Heads Psycho Killer
Agnostic Front Old New York
English Beat Mirror in the Bathroom
7 seconds walk together, rock together
The Specials Gangsters
Squirrel Bait Hammering so Hard
RUN DMC My Adidas
Johnny Quest Skinny and Fatty
The Clash Rudie can't Fail
Blink 182 Dammit
urge Overkill Girl You'll be a woman soon
Urban Dance Squad Prayer for my Demo
Minutemen Maybe Partying will help
firehose Down with the bass
primus too many puppies
japandroids I quit girls
Fear Bomb The Russians
Fugazi Bad Mouth
Minor Threat Filler
Bad Religion Along the Way
The Jim Carroll Band People who Died
Circle Jerks Nervous Breakdown
JFA Walk Dont Run
Dead Kennedys California Uber Alles
Gorilla Biscuits Stand Still
Red Hot Chili Peppers Magic Johnson
Johnny Quest Irresponsibility
Reagan Youth USA
Gorilla Biscuits Two Sides
Bad Religion 21st Century Boy
Minutemen This aint no picnic
The Jam In the City
Squirrel Bait Sun God

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