Let’s all find a common narrative

Phil D

Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Nomeansno Kill Everyone Now Why do they call me mr. happy
Lungfish Nation Saving Song Love is Love
Belrays Black is the color red white and black
Iggy Pop Wild America American Ceasar
BPA Seattle We're gonna need a bigger boat
The Ex Frenzy starters and alternators
Fugazi Epic Problem the argument
Nick Cave and the bad seeds dig lazurus dig dig lazurus dig
gus cattle prod romeo progressive science of breeding idiots for a dumber society
Minor threat good guys
leaving trains now I'm mad smoke follows beauty
black eyes someone has his fingers broken black eyes
Faust Mamie is blue so far
Holy F*ck chimes broken congrats
Cornelius Free Fall Fantasma
Der Plan Space Bob Japlan
Plastics Copy Plastics
Joy Division Warsaw substance
Chrome Heartbeat 3rd from the Sun
Hinton Space Ship Guru Guru
Times New Viking It's a culture dancer equired
Cold Cave the great pan is dead cherish the light years
Betty Davis bottom of the barrel is it love or desire
Zombi Toroidal Vorticles shape shift
Lightning Bolt 13 MOnsters Lightning bolt
Ford Pier all fall together ic victory

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