Friday Clock Out

Let’s get this weekend going!

Phil D

Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Mockra TV Room Pain in the Big Neck
The Gin Goblins Peepshow Blighty's Still Smokin
Left Arm Love Blast Dissatisoul
Copter Do the Hospital Blighty's Still Smokin
Komeda Disko The Genius of
MHZ Bus Error
Panicsmile Rabid Dog Bite
Tsushimamire tea time ska pregnant fantasy
Space Kung Fu Man Amenbo
Whores Participation Trophy Gold
Fumanchu Godzilla Eatin Dust
Duchess Says Negative Thoughts sciences nouvelles
Sonic Youth In the mind of the Bourgeois Reader experimental jet set trash and no star
Moon Duo Mazes Mazes
The Luminanas El Beach Malamore
Recluse Racoon This could be his luck horse
Get in the Car Gibetting s.t. EP
The Wimps Finale The Wimps
LIghtfields What Feelings
Tavishi Notch Signaling Pathway Boundaries
Anubian LIghts Walking Eagle Dimension Mix
Moebius-Plank-Neumeir Pitch Control Zero Set
Faust It's a rainy day sunshine girl So far
Ex-Girl Letter to Mr Triscuits Endangered Species
gogogoairheart survival the things we need
Theatre of Hate east world after
Eels Jelly Dancers

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