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Lost Music Saloon: Jan. 16, 2017: 5-7 p.m.: Inauguration/MLK Day


Lost Music Saloon: PLAYLIST: Jan. 16, 2017: Inauguration/MLK Day

Inauguration Day Set #1 (Odes to Donald):
Rodney Crowell: The Obscenity Prayer (Give It To Me)
Frank Zappa: I’m the Slime
Randy Newman: My Country
Chip Taylor: Bigot’s Graveyard
Will Kimbrough: I Lie

MLK Day Set #1:
Kate Campbell: Crazy In Alabama
Tony Joe White: Willie & Laura Mae Jones
Bis-Quits: Betty Was Black (And Willie Was White)

Inauguration Day Set #2 (Odes to The End Times):
Great Big Sea: End of the World
Nathan Bell: The Striker
Randy Newman: Political Science
Talking Heads: (Nothing But) Flowers

MLK Day Set #2:
Daddy: The Ballad of Martin Luther King
Patty Griffin: Up to the Mountain

Inauguration Day Set #3 (Odes to The Net/Social Media/Bullying):
TacocaT: The Internet
Daphne Willis: TMI
Kira Isabella: Quarterback
Kate Miller-Heidke: Caught in the Crowd

MLK Day Set #3:
Bottle Rockets: Welfare Music
Radney Foster & Bill Lloyd: In the Ghetto

Inauguration Day Set #4 (Odes to Pence):
Two Cow Garage: Let the Boys Be Girls
Nathan Bell: Really Truly

MLK Day Set #4:
Steve Earle: Rich Man’s War
Neil Young: Southern Man

Inauguration Day Set #5 (Odes to Corporations/Immigration/Politics):
Terri Hendrix: Monopoly
Stan Swiniarski: They Called Me An American
Bob Dylan: Political World

Final Set:
Dan Bern: President

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