The Breakfast Snob

New Breakfast Snob : 8-10-2016


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Psychic TV Higher Higher Hell Is Invisible...Heaven Is Her/e 2007
Guerilla Toss Realistic Rabbit Flood Dosed DFA 2016
Gong The Eternal Wheel Spins I see You Gong 2014
The Grand Astoria World Without a Smile Deathmarch (ep) Bandcamp
Ruby The Hatchet Taking Sides Ouroboros Bandcamp 2016
Sendelica The Breyr,the Taeogion, the Caethion Anima Mundi Bandcamp 2015
The Luck of Eden Hall The Acceleration of Time The Acceleration of Time Headspin 2016
CHEER-ACCIDENT When Clowns Go Bad Babies Shouldn't Smoke ca 1998
Trans Love Airways Motionless Beautiful Garage TLA 1995
The Seventh Ring of Saturn Alice Sunshine The Seventh Ring of Saturn Nusrat 2007
Knifeworld Clairvoyant Fortnight Home Of The Newly Departed Bandcamp 2016
Cardiacs There is no Bright Side Day is Gone ABC 1991
Crayola Lectern Forgot My Big Idea The Fall and Rise ... Bleeding Heart 2013
Miriodor Rencontres Rencontres Cuneiform 1986
Vespero Ras Dashen Lique Mekwas R.A.I.G 2016
Mechanik Howl Eadem Mutata Resurgo R.A.I.G 2015
Cary Grace Orange Sky Tygerland Door 13 2015

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