The Breakfast Snob

New Breakfast Snob: 9/21/2016- Rejoice!


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Frank Zappa Re-Gyptian Strut
Gong The Unspeakable Stands Revealed Rejoice! I'm Dead! Gong/Snapper 2016
Bubu El Cortejo de Un Da Amarillo Anabelas 1975
Aican Don't Go Deep in the Forest Don't Go Deep in the Forest R.A.I.G 2016
Aican Ennio's Drowsy Lake Don't Go Deep in the Forest R.A.I.G 2016
Kraftwerk Tanzmusik Ralf and Florian Phillips 1973
La Dusseldorf Time La Dusseldorf Nova 1976
Brian Eno Here He Comes Before and After Science EG 1977
Roxy Music Just Like You Stranded Island 1973
Vespero The Emperor's Second Self Lique Mekwas R.A.IG. 2016
National Health Tenemos Road National Health Affinity 1978

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