Mid Atlantic Jams / House Music Sessions

PANDEMIC #002: Endeavor



Tonight’s bring the full presentation of Purple Tape Pedigree first AUDIO CODEX (that means a magazine on tape, hehe) entitled CELL. The mix comes from the very dope and sneaky Baby Blue. As usual, I played the good old assortment of raps, dances, noises, and avant-garde weirdness. Unreleased things, too. Hopefully the vibe was a tad more hopeful after last show’s black hole. Special dedication goes to everyone in Orlando, and all the love at this little hub on Broad St.

Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Untitled Huerco S. No Jack [EP] Wicked Bass 2012
Ball'r (Madonna-Free Zone) DJ Sprinkles Midtown 120 Blues 2008
Quickly and Softly UMFANG Ok 1080p 2015
XOX (Yung Sherman Remix) Endgame Savage Remix EP Purple Tape Pedigree 2016
Sum Tune Money Rmx MM Unreleased Her Records 2015
5TARBI LEXXI Unreleased NON 2016
Intensia Kablam Unreleased (?) NON 2016
Let Moss Be Moss Rabit Excommunicate Triangle 2016
Void Gate Baby Blue CELL Audio Codex Purple Tape Pedigree 2016
Wanderings The Body No One Deserves Happiness 2016
Wisdom's Tragedy Disasterpiece Hyper Light Drifter OST self-released 2016
Cunumicta Mala Mirrors (forthcoming) 2016
Syn Stair (No Fountain / Blind) DJ New Jersey Drone Syn Stair EP Purple Tape Pedigree 2016
Light Weight Cakedog Champions [EP] Leaving Records 2016
While Rappin OL Unreleased RAD 2012
Do You Wanna Be Mine DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn, DJ PayPal Afterlife Teklife 2016
Your Love Basic Trax Basic Trax Type 2016
Detox (feat. BBK) Skepta Konnichiwa 2016
Lock Arff Section Boyz Don't Panic 2015
Mixtape Chance the Rapper Coloring Book 2016
House Bang (I Don't Know) AceMo Bootleg Tapes 2015
Up Top LEXXI Unreleased NON 2016
Stillness Sadaf Unreleased HOSS 2016
I Wonder Where Our Love Has Gone Billie Holiday Bootleg 1949
All You Are Going to Want to Do is Get Back There The Caretaker An Empty Bliss Beyond This World 2011

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